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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy’s baby at risk after shock collapse

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Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Ziggy pushes herself too hard as she juggles pregnancy and her career, putting her baby’s life in danger.

Theo’s (Matt Evans) life has changed a little bit during the previous few months.

At Summer Bay Auto, he began an apprenticeship, first learning from Justin (James Stewart), then from Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). He later rose to the position of main singer with Lyrik, and he is now enjoying his new career playing shows all along the coast.

Ziggy has seemed somewhat put out by Theo’s new life, and shut Justin down when he began to gush over Leah’s grandson at every opportunity.

She finally came clean with her lover Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and said that while she was delighted that Theo was pursuing his ambitions, she was disappointed that she hadn’t been able to pursue her own desire of turning pro.
She eventually understood that she could balance competing in surf contests with her relationship with Dean and her life in Summer Bay with a little encouragement from Dean.

“You can go up and down the coastline competing, and you can come home, to me,” Dean assured her. “Me and Jai will be waiting for you.”

Finally following her dreams, she took the time off work and headed to her first event at Avoca Beach.

She was already receiving the benefits after just one event.

She excitedly revealed to Dean that she had obtained sponsorship from a surf shop in the city as well as bringing a trophy back to Summer Bay! Her aspirations were soon coming true.

However, things came to an abrupt end just a matter of hours later, when she discovered she was pregnant.

She experienced a dizzy episode at the beach, which led her new doctor and fellow surfer Bree (Juliet Godwin) to enquire about the possibility of her being pregnant.

Taking a test back at the farmhouse, she discovered that Bree was right – she’s pregnant!

Even though she and Dean are doing fine, having children hasn’t been in the cards. Ziggy and Dean avoided the topic for days after learning the news since neither of them wanted to discuss whether they would keep the child.

Eventually, Dean told Ziggy that having a kid with her was the only thing he would rather do, with a little push from his sister Mackenzie (Emily Weir). She initially panicked because she felt abruptly pressured to keep the child, but after they finally got down and talked, they realised they were both on the same page and that they both wanted the child!

They had a hard time keeping the news quiet last week since both Dean and Mackenzie wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Even when Dean tried to tell Jai, Ziggy politely encouraged the duo to wait until their 12-week scan (River Jarvis).

This week, Dean and Ziggy head to the hospital for their first ultrasound.

While the doctor briefly pauses during the scan, there is no apparent cause for concern. Ziggy is comforted by Dean’s fatherly devotion to both her and the unborn child.

Ziggy is continuing with business as normal despite her refusal to disclose her pregnancy to anybody. She is determined to surf as much as she can while she still has the ability to do so, even hiding the information from her boss Justin (James Stewart).

This week, Justin gives Ziggy a promotion because he has less time to spend at the garage because he is so busy in his new position as manager of Lyrik!

Even simple things are tough for her due to her morning sickness, so she knows she shouldn’t take it, but she can’t help herself. She previously gave up a promising surfing career for the baby, so it would appear that she is not prepared to give up her position at the garage either.

As the week progresses, Ziggy is driven to show her boyfriend and boss that she is the ideal candidate for the position.

Because there is so much going on, she loses focus when she is alone at the garage.

Unaware that she left a bottle of chemical solvent open, she collapses while working on a car, dragging a tray of equipment down with her as she inhales the fumes.

When discussing the most recent events with TV Week, Sophie stated: “She feels dizzy from smelling fumes, but it also arises from tiredness.

“She’s in denial about her whole life changing. She’s adamant that she can do it all. She’s a superwoman, absolutely, but unfortunately she can’t do it all.”

Collapsed on the floor, she continues to breathe in the deadly fumes, with the risk to the baby increasing with every passing minute.

Just in the knick of time, Tane (Ethan Browne) turns up at the garage for his car service, where he finds Ziggy collapsed on the floor. He rushes to help her… but has he got there in time?

Will the baby be okay?

Also this week, Tane’s role in Ziggy’s rescue gives him food for thought – with his ex-girlfriend starting a family, it makes him think about his own future.

Is he ready to take the next step with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis)?


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