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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy’s surf career comes to an abrupt end

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After deciding to pursue her goal and join the surfing competition circuit, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is abruptly pulled back to reality the next week by a startling finding.

Ziggy believed that her relationship with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) was becoming a little stale and that she was missing some of the more romantic gestures. The ideal solution was Dean’s decision to surprise Ziggy with a road trip to catch some waves down the shore.

Ziggy, however, felt the surfing life was well and completely out of their reach today since they have too many duties in Summer Bay after their early homecoming because Dean’s son Jai (River Jarvis) had a big footy game.

Despite the fact that Ziggy had taken the decision on her own, Dean was advised to support Ziggy in following her aspirations by his sister Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

Dean assured Ziggy that it doesn’t have to be a choice; she can go off and compete in surfing competitions, and he’d be there waiting for her when she got home. Dean reminded her of how it felt to share the victory at the surf competition in Summer Bay the previous year.

The following week, Dean is overjoyed to find that Ziggy won the competition and is shocked when she shows up early the following morning carrying the trophy she earned!

But that’s not the only good news; Ziggy later shares with Dean that a local surf store has offered to sponsor her, covering all of her entrance and travel costs in exchange for her wearing their logo.

Ziggy is truly living the dream as she takes more sponsorship calls while getting ready for another surf. However, as soon as she exits the ocean, she experiences a brief period of vertigo.

Bree (Juliet Godwin), a different surfer, rushes over after seeing Ziggy fall to her knees to check on her.

When Bree comments that Ziggy looks pale, Ziggy reveals that she hasn’t eaten all day but is startled when Bree asks whether there’s a chance she might be pregnant.

Ziggy dismisses the idea,

but when she takes a test at home to make sure, she discovers that it is positive!

Ziggy hides the test when Dean gets home, replete with champagne and a gourmet food basket to commemorate her surfing success, since she is still in disbelief.

“This is just the beginning, you are doing well… The sky’s the limit,” he proclaims while displaying the platter of prawns he just acquired!

Ziggy abstains from eating and drinking as she abruptly tells Dean that perhaps the sponsorship isn’t a good idea.

She might not even want to compete, in actuality.

Dean tries to reassure Ziggy that she can do this and that he

will be there for her at every step of the way despite his inability to comprehend the abrupt change in attitude.

Ziggy continues to ponder the pregnancy test as she struggles to fall asleep that night.

When Dean emerges to investigate,

Ziggy realizes she can no longer remain silent.

Before ultimately disclosing that she is expecting,

Ziggy struggles to speak as she tries to explain how she has something to tell him that would completely change the situation.

Dean is shocked as Ziggy sobs as she confesses that this was absolutely off her radar and that it has changed everything.

Dean reassures Ziggy that he will be there for her no matter what choice she makes.

Will they choose to retain the child?

Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) romance may already be ended in another part of Summer Bay.

Despite telling comrades Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) that they wouldn’t pursue things further, the lust-filled couple ultimately started a covert affair last week.

Theo was challenged by Remi to find the phone number of a woman who was gazing him up in Salt. Remi suspected that Theo and Kirby had breached their agreement. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, Kirby texted Theo to tell him to kiss her to encourage him.

Theo politely declined and told Jane the truth—he was already taken. Theo, though, wasn’t pleased with Kirby’s enthusiasm. To her, isn’t their romance just a game?

Theo feels even more irritated when they suddenly have to hide from Remi again the next week, despite Kirby’s apology to him for making him feel horrible. Theo claims he’s got enough of all the sneaking about and wants them to be honest after seeking Justin’s (James Stewart) advice.

Theo ultimately concludes that Kirby cares more about her fellow bandmates than he does him and that it is time to put an end to things before he is wounded because Kirby is hesitant to put her bandmates through another Bob situation.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) tells Justin in the diner that she has chosen to see a costume designer to get the band some clothing after heeding his advise to support them. Justin is about to object when Leah discloses that she is joking before she can stop herself.

However, the atmosphere is soured when a grumpy Theo enters and informs Justin that he has broken up with Kirby since his counsel didn’t work.

The following day, during their band meeting, Theo and Kirby behave in an odd manner that Eden and Remi quickly pick up on.

Kirby chooses to grab the bull by the horns and passionately kiss Theo in front of them after being asked to work out their problems.

What will it imply for Lyrik now that Theo and Kirby’s relationship

seems to be on again and is publicly known…?

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