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Home and Away star Esther Anderson, 43, shows off her HUGE baby bump

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Home and Away star Esther Anderson, 43, shows off her HUGE baby bump as she dances to induce labour after being days past her due date Esther Anderson is days past her second baby’s due date and she’s dancing ‘like no one is watching’. The 43-year-old Home and Away actress said on Thursday that she can no longer fit into her own clothes and showed her fans how large her baby belly has grown at 40 weeks. She captioned the image on Instagram, “Appreciating this little (BIG) body of mine for all it’s done the last 9 months.”
She continued: ‘And hubby for putting up with my hormones and lending me his jeans amongst other things xx.’ A short while later, the actor posted images of the actress dancing while she tried to induce labour. Her husband Howard Moggs once whirled her about while being cautious to stay out of the camera’s view while her hugely pregnant body swayed.
The Home and Away star showed her followers how big her baby bump has become at 40 weeks on Thursday Dance as though no one is looking, advised Esther. (Or as though your anticipated due date has already passed.) ‘We will be dancing, visualising, acupuncture(ing), eating spicy cuisine, hypnobirthing, walking, climbing stairs, and bumping our way to your safe arrival baby Moggs,’ she said of her first kid, Forest, who was 10 days over due. We are really excited to meet you! In April, Esther made her husband Howard aware that she was expecting their second child. She also posted a sonogram and a picture of her expanding family to Instagram.
The three of us: She posed with her partner and their three-year-old son Forest for the picture, which she captioned, “Soon to be 4! ” We are ecstatic to announce the impending arrival of a new mini Moggs. Big brother responsibilities for Forry begin in September! Esther went on. In August 2018, Howard and Esther had their first child. At the time, they posted a cute snapshot of the infant to Instagram.
At one point, her husband Howard Moggs spun her around, careful to keep out of frame as she swayed her heavily pregnant body
Esther announced she was expecting her second child with husband Howard in April, sharing a sonogram and a photo of her growing family to Instagram Our life’ greatest love. Forest Jack Moggs, our adorable child, arrived weighing 8.5 pounds. Esther wrote, “We couldn’t be more in love with this precious little soul.” The actor and her British advertising executive husband made their first child announcement in April 2018, claiming that while neither of them were “spring chickens,” they were both “very eager for parenting.” Esther gained fame for her eight-year stint as Charlie Buckton in the Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away.
The actor announced she was expecting her first child (centre) with her British advertising executive husband (left) back in April 2018, saying she wasn’t a ‘spring chicken’ but they were both ‘so ready for parenthood’
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