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Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo vows to be alive for emotional Christmas milestone after revealing his brain cancer is terminal

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Johnny Ruffo has admitted he is determined to live at least until Christmas in order to attend a long overdue family gathering.

The actor and musician, 34, said he wants to make it to the holidays to visit his brother Michael, who has been living in Ireland for the past three years, despite having terminal brain cancer.

The former Home and Away star stated, “My brother lives in Ireland now, so I haven’t seen him in three years. He’s coming home for Christmas, and I honestly can’t wait to see him.”

Former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo (pictured) has revealed he is determined to stay alive until at least Christmas so he can be around for a long-overdue family reunion

We are as crooked as thieves. He truly is my hero. To me, he is everything. And I’m eager to meet him. I’m not sure how I’ll respond, but I can’t wait since he’s everything.

The interview comes after Johnny said on Monday that his brain cancer is fatal and that he worries about Tahnee Simms’ ability to handle life without him.

He said to host Carrie Bickmore of The Project, “You can only imagine how difficult it’s been for her.”

The actor and singer, 34, who has terminal brain cancer, told 7News he hopes to make it to the holidays to see his brother Michael, who has been living in Ireland for the last three years 

I hate to say it, but I think a lot about how difficult it might be for her if something were to happen to me, he said.

I don’t want to think about it, so that’s why. It simply makes me a little bit emotional because I know something will happen eventually, whether it’s in a month, ten years, or twenty.

Johnny admitted to Carrie that his time with the illness had already passed.

“It will eventually succeed in taking me, but I’m still battling.” still going strong. The usual life expectancy for my diagnosis and tumour was three years,’ he said.

‘We’re thick as thieves. Honestly, he is my hero. He is everything to me. And I cannot wait to see him. I don’t know how I’m going to react, I cannot wait, he’s everything,’ Johnny said

“And it’s been five years for me.” I’ve already triumphed. My current objective is to live a happy life and attempt to assist as many people as I can.

After visiting the hospital with excruciating headaches in 2017, Johnny was first identified as having the illness.

He underwent surgery to remove a 7 cm brain tumour in August of that same year, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The interview comes after Johnny confirmed on Monday his diagnosis is terminal and he fears how his girlfriend Tahnee Simms (left) will cope once he is gone

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