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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman gives an update on her health battle: ‘The unknown is heartbreaking’

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Endometriosis sufferer Sophie Dillman has discussed the difficulties of the condition.

The 29-year-old Home and Away actress claimed in an Instagram post that she recently experienced excruciating agony that prevented her from standing up.

She also admitted that the bloating and discomfort brought on by the condition cause her appearance to vary from day to day.

She referred to two pictures of herself, one in which she appeared youthful and healthy, and the other in which she appeared exhausted and worn out, writing, “Endometriosis can look like this or this depending on the day.”

She continued, “I haven’t been able to get off the floor this morning; it hurts too much to even walk around the home.

‘Endometriosis can look like this or this depending on the day,’ she wrote on Instagram, referring to two photos of herself – one of her looking vibrant and healthy (seen here), and the other of her looking worn out and tired (top of article)

But on other days, it has no impact on me at all. I have no idea when the pain, bruising, or dizziness will begin or stop, Sophie continued.

“The heartbreaking unknown.”

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue that resembles the uterine lining grows in unnatural locations outside the uterus.

The actress, who recently left Summer Bay, claimed that by playing Ziggy Astoni, she had been able to discover the infrequently encountered positives.

She claimed in an interview with the Herald Sun in January that Ziggy’s self-assurance had made it easier for her to cope with the symptoms and see herself as a role model for other women.

The former nurse, who was nervous about appearing on TV due to the bloating her condition caused, said, “It was a really hard transition.

“And I would keep trying to tell myself that Ziggy wouldn’t give a damn about how she looked.” Ziggy has complete self-love, which was very consoling to me.

Second, I believe that if I had seen someone on television with the same symptoms when I was younger and first experiencing them, I might have felt less alone.

It follows Sophie’s admission that she and her on-screen and off-screen boyfriend Patrick O’Connor, who portrays Dean Thompson, had quit Home and Away.

It comes after Sophie confirmed she had left Home and Away with her on-and-off-screen boyfriend Patrick O’Connor (right), who plays Dean Thompson 

Home & Away stars give a farewell as they exit Summer Bay for good

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