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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman opens up over living with endometriosis

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“I was petrified that I was going to lose my job.”

Endometriosis is a chronic disorder in which tissue that resembles uterine lining grows in other parts of the body, most frequently the ovaries and fallopian tubes, but also the bladder and intestines.
After receiving an endometriosis diagnosis fifteen years ago, the Ziggy Astoni actor underwent a number of procedures. She exhibits signs including painful periods that cause vomiting fits and dizziness, as well as a swelling stomach that might make her appear bloated.

Dillman recently revealed that before knowing how much the cast and crew supported her, she was afraid that she would be let go from the Australian soap opera because of the ailment.
She told Yahoo Lifestyle, “When it initially started occurring, I was freaking out because you put pressure on yourself. Not that Home and Away has ever put any pressure on someone to look a certain way body image-wise, and they feel extremely passionately about that.
“I battled to match that beauty standard at the best of times, let alone when I’m swollen,” the author said. “I was frightened that I was going to lose my work because I couldn’t stick to a beauty ideal.”

But the Home and Away cast found ways to comfort Dillman on set and assisted her in managing the condition.
“They are outstanding. I’m permitted to put on a towel whenever I’m uneasy. I won’t need to wear a bikini, or they’ll alter how the scene functions “The actor spoke up.
When you’re in pain and self-conscious, that just makes it slightly simpler to go to a set and perform your duties.

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