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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman said she was ‘petrified’ of her bikini scenes on the show but won’t bow to pressure and ‘starve herself’

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As the disobedient teen Ziggy Astoni, Sophie Dillman plays the lead role on Home and Away.

However, despite the fact that Summer Bay calls for a lot of bikinis, the 25-year-old actress claims she won’t starve herself to get in swimsuit sequences, even if she is “terrified” by them.

I hope that women and girls understand that being skinny isn’t the most essential thing, she stated in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. Happiness is far more significant.

“I recall my first bikini scene and I was terrified,” she continued. Despite the numerous demands placed on women, they made me feel extremely at ease.

The attractive blonde said she enjoys eating and “wonderful things,” so she won’t “starve herself” to stay away from them because doing so would make her miserable.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph from earlier this year, Sophie said she accepted the part on the popular serial because she needed money.

Sophie’s experience was the antithesis of what most actresses go through when they take on day jobs to secure their next payday.

The licensed nurse admitted she had trouble finding a full-time position in her field and instead turned to acting.

I always wanted to be an actor, but my family urged me to study nursing since it would be something I could fall back on, she added.

However, at the time the Australian government had cut a lot of funds from the healthcare system and no newly graduated nurses were getting jobs, so I made the decision to audition for an acting school and was accepted.

Sophie, who made her acting debut with Kestie Morassi and Anna Cocquerel, has since been taken under the wing of veteran actress Ada Nicodemou.

She expressed her gratitude to the actress who has played Leah Patterson-Baker for the past 17 years by posting a photo of her new TV family on Instagram.

Ada Nicodemou demonstrating to us how it’s done, she wrote.

studying under the greatest! Sophie has already been taken under the wing of seasoned star Ada Nicodemou and will make her debut alongside Kestie Morassi and Anna Cocquerel.

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