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Home and Away star Tammin Sursok reveals why she ‘hated her body’ and ‘felt so judged’ growing up

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In a heartfelt video, Tammin Sursok explains why she used to “hate” her body.

Last week, the former star of Home and Away uploaded a video to Instagram that featured clips of several celebrities being made fun of for their weight.

In the 40-year-old’s clip, celebrities including Victoria Beckham and the late Anna Nicole Smith were questioned by reporters about their weight.

“What made you feel so condemned and hate your body as a child?” It was captioned by Tammin.

“We have grown up with this being acceptable,” she continued.

It makes sense that a large number of us detested our appearances or tried to adopt what society considered to be acceptable.

“I hope and pray that things will change for our family and our kids.” Nobody has the right to make remarks about your weight or appearance. Timely.

Tammin is open about her prior difficulties with body image, stating that as a young child, she ‘desired to be wanted, to be lusted over’ and that she battled an eating disorder.

In honor of International Women’s Day, the actress shared a number of heartbreaking tales on her Instagram and discussed the terrible consequences of being objectified by males.

When she was fifteen, a young boy she had a crush on told her she needed to lose weight. That was the first story she told.

The former Home and Away star posted a video post to Instagram last week, and included clips of various celebrities being shamed for their weight. Pictured: Anna Nicole Smith

When he got close to her, she confessed that she was “paralysed in fear and lust,” stating, “My heart stopped.” For years, I had imagined that this day would arrive. But when the youngster angrily informed her, “You need to go to Jenny Craig [weight loss program],” her goal was dashed. Sursok continued with her next narrative, which described how she forced herself to throw up after a meal and eventually lost 45 kg of weight. I had been forcing my raw and chapped knuckles down my mouth for the past forty minutes. Well, I knew this routine. I had gotten rather good at lying,” she remarked. “I noticed that my eyes appeared to be bleeding when I glanced in the mirror.” I gave my mirror a meek grin. I was 100 pounds (45 kilos), I thought, now people would love me.’

At the end, Sursok related how, at the age of 21, she went out with a 30-year-old man and allowed him to make fun of her appearance because, as she put it, “I was taught in school that boys that like you make fun of you.”

After sharing that she used to grieve over her post-baby physique and that she had been told for more than 30 years that “the only way to happiness, worth, and love was for other people to view my body as good enough,” the Australian woman of South African descent concluded her piece.

“To all my fellow women warriors who have ever struggled with body image, self-worth, or the fear of letting go of ingrained beliefs, I see you,” she uttered. Let each of us love who we are.

Along with her spouse Sean McEwen and their two daughters, Phoenix, age nine, and Lennon, age four, Tammin resides in Nashville.

The South African-born Australian says she spent over 30 years being told ‘the only way to happiness, worth and love was for other people to view my body as good enough’

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