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Home and Away Theo star’s life – unlucky in love, real age and The Voice fame

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Home and Away star Matt Evans might never have racked up a single acting credit before his appearance in the Australian soap, but he’s since taken the industry by storm

Theo Poulos’s time on Home and Away is about to heat up now that we know he’s going to be the lead singer for the brand-new band Lyrik.

Theo has been working as an apprentice at the garage with Ziggy amid a twist involving his father’s violence, and he rapidly established himself as a favorite character in the Australian soap.

What about Matt Evans, the boy’s actor, though?
The Daily Star examines the actor’s true life when he is not portraying a character, including his age in real life and his love life away from the cameras.

The Voice stardom

Even though Home and Away might be Matt’s first significant acting role, the television industry is nothing new to him.

The celebrity first became well-known on The Voice Australia as a member of Team Delta before joining up with Janie Gordon to form the pair known as Goldi after competing against one other.

Goldi, who was mentored by Delta Goodrem, advanced to the 2020 Showdowns before being eliminated in episode 19.

Additionally, Matt revealed to Stuff that he had “conversations” with employers about the direction the storyline should go, suggesting that his music career undoubtedly had an impact on his Home and Away character.

He stated: “I’d love to be able to [sing], and they were extremely tolerant of that when I voiced that in a couple of meetings upstairs.

“I knew there would be some music I could add to the character, but nothing else,” the author said. It’s also hilarious how they kind of hid it from me.

I was one of the last people to learn about this band, but it’s been great, he said. “There were rumors about this band coming in, but I didn’t know anything about it.

Matt graduated from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Contemporary Music and performed with the rock band Atlas Chasers before getting the part in Home and Away stage.

Real age and secret job

Theo, a 2001-born resident of Summer Bay, is only 21 years old, whereas actor Matt is a few years older.

Actually 25 years old, Matt first appeared on The Voice at the age of 23.

He was up in Western Australia and began his career driving forklifts while performing with Atlas Chasers in bars. Even as an actor, he maintains a covert second job.

In his spare time, the celebrity also creates videos for Cameo, where a single film costs as little as £34.

He has a five-star rating on the website, and for just £9, you can send him a direct message or choose from a range of personalized films.

If that’s what you’re looking for, Matt can also “sing you a song,” according to his website bio.

Unlucky in love

Many fans have been curious about Matt’s love life outside of the soap opera and have raised questions about if he is dating anyone.

He has acknowledged that he “writes a lot of love songs,” but he hasn’t yet discovered the ideal partner.

He acknowledged: “I don’t really fall in love very easily and I haven’t had many girlfriends, so it’s odd,” in a statement to The Daily Telegraph.

“At this time, there is no one on the horizon.”

Exit fears

When Matt inevitably departs from Home and Away, he has stated that he intends to try his luck in Hollywood and see if he can score some significant US roles.

However, he feels “anxious” at the thought of leaving Summer Bay.

“Obviously I have ideas when it comes to migrating to the US and giving the States a try and seeing what I can do over there,” he said in a statement to TV WEEK.

I have a fantastic agent and everything is set up there, so that was always [the plan], otherwise I feel like I would be thinking “what if?”

On Home and Away, I still feel at ease and at home. I’m already feeling anxious about leaving the house and having to leave for somewhere else.

Fans won’t have to say goodbye to Theo anytime soon, though, as Matt said he’s content in Australia “for the next few years.”

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