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Home and Away updates fans on Jasmine Delaney’s exit decision

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Cash opens up to Rose.

Jasmine Delaney’s reasons for not wanting to go back to Summer Bay have been explained in more detail by Home and Away.

Because the actress who plays Jasmine, Sam Frost, chose to depart the show in late 2021, she was unceremoniously written off this year.

She declared that she was departing temporarily to support the family of her late spouse Robbo in the character’s farewell plot.

Wendy Shaw had a heart attack, thus the Shaw family needed help maintaining their farm.

In an Australian episode that aired last month, Jasmine’s boyfriend Cash Newman invited her to visit Summer Bay.

Jasmine promised she would, but she didn’t show up without giving a reason. Cash’s romantic intentions to propose to her were thwarted by this.

Following their odd quiet, Cash requested that a nearby police department check on Jasmine and the Shaws to make sure they were okay.

Jasmine relayed the information that while she was alright, she wouldn’t be coming back.

Jasmine’s conflicted feelings for her late spouse had motivated her decision, Cash revealed in the Australian Channel 7 programme that aired on Monday.

When it came down to it, Cash admitted to Jasmine’s sister Rose Delaney that she couldn’t bring herself to leave the Shaws once more.

Jasmine was “more in love with her husband’s memory” than with him, according to Cash.

There was little time for further thinking because Cash and Rose were left on a shocking cliffhanger due to the Parata family’s continued issues with a biker gang.

Sam Frost revealed last year that she will be taking a break from Home and Away to get her COVID shots. A rule put in place at the beginning of the year requires everyone in the cast of Home and Away to get vaccinated.

Later, Sam declared that her departure would be unabated due to a change of heart.

In a statement provided to Digital Spy, a representative for Channel 7 stated: “Sam’s decision to leave Home and Away is one that we accept and support. Our deepest gratitude and best wishes for the future go with Sam as he departs.”

Show insiders suggested that Sam’s exit was not related to the previous vaccination discussions.

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