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Home and Away’s Cash star hints at deadly Anne Sherman return after the brutal downfall

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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away’s Anne Sherman has been causing havoc in Summer Bay, holding Felicity Newman hostage after stalking Tane Parata – but her downfall is approaching

Things are about to get hot in Summer Bay on Home and Away next week when Anne Sherman kidnaps Felicity Newman – but one actress has hinted that it isn’t the end for the soap villain just yet.

Anne may be captured after her nefarious plot is foiled next week, but Cash Newman actor Nicholas Cartwright cautioned in an exclusive interview with Daily Star that she could be back.



With Felicity on the run for stalking Tane Perata, her brother Cash is desperate to figure out what’s going on – especially after finding medications in her van that were used to sedate Tane.

Cash and Ari race to find Felicity before it’s too late, as Anne prepares to spray burning insecticides on her scared victims.

Tane is curious as to what has enraged Anne, but she is furious to learn that he has forgotten who she is despite the fact that she has seen him escort a number of other ladies home from the club.

After being forced to write a goodbye note to Cash, Felicity stabs Anne in the leg with a pen, prompting Anne to respond by tasering her unconscious.

She has no idea, however, that Ari and Cash have arrived at the rescue, breaking through the door and tackling her to the ground just in time.



But can Felicity ever forgive her brother for not believing her innocence?

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, actor Nicholas Cartwright revealed some details about the epic storyline’s future, and it doesn’t appear like Anne’s fate is sealed.

He stated, ” “If Anne – who is played by Megan Smart, who is simply fantastic – could return, I’d want to see her return in a helicopter and take the Bay by storm.

“I’d like to see Anne’s retaliation, and I’d like them to make it extremely spectacular because Megan Smart was an amazing boss when she first came into work with us, and we all loved her!”

The star added: “I reckon if they’re going to bring her back they should go the whole hog.”

And how will Cash deal with the fall-out from the betrayal of his sister?

Nicholas explained: “I think old mate Cash is going to be very upset with himself for a while over this one, because he got it wrong at the end of the day.



“He decided to err on the side of the balance and he got it wrong – he should’ve backed his sister. So I think that it really is going to weigh on him, particularly because he knows how much this is going to hurt Felicity.

“All Cash has been trying to do since he came into the Bay is not hurt her and keep her safe, and now he’s the one that’s really hurt her. So that’s an awful realization to have, that all his efforts have just made it worse.”

Nicholas continued: “Cash, I believe, understands that it will have to be repaired over time. Felicity will go through a period of mourning, may become enraged and reject him for a time, but he knows that if he simply sits around long enough, she will come around.”

Filming the action scenes in the cabin was one of the highlights of the actor’s Home and Away career thus far, as he exclaimed: “It was my favorite day of the year. My favorite thing to do is shoot action scenes because it’s so much fun.

“It’s a big day, it’s hard and not as exciting as you think – it’s a very slow, methodical process that requires a lot of discipline and being able to stand around for a long time and then perform for ten seconds when you need to.

“It’s one of the days where the crew especially step up and really do an amazing thing together. We’re there acting, so it’s the same thing for us, but the spectacle they put on is phenomenal.

“The more action the writers can throw at me the better!”

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