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Home and Away’s Courtney Miller on her ‘special’ friendship with Lukas Radovich

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COURTNEY MILLER: I was sorry to hear he was leaving. Because it was him and I was losing touch with Bella’s friend and my best friend, like not getting to work with him 100% of the time, I didn’t feel sad about leaving.

Lucas cried on every take, appearing to be quite upset. And I believe the whole situation was confusing me since I was going through so many emotions while attempting to remember the phrases and, I assume, act appropriately. Then, when it came to the final take, my closest friend’s decision to leave this family and my own decision to do the same caused a whole host of other emotions.

And I was doing the appropriate job. And he was crying, which was extremely admirable of him. The filmmaker then added, “I believe that’s everything for now. I believe that’s over.” I eventually simply started crying. It’s not good enough, not good enough, I cried. I said that I should give it another shot.

I must—I simply wasn’t—because I don’t want it to be the final take of his final moment. I actually started crying as a result. The response is, “OK, yes, cool, let’s do it again.” We’ll repeat it. And in the end, that was the only take of me crying—crying both because I felt like I hadn’t done the scene right and crying because I was feeling so many different things. then it was A lot of fun, but also incredibly depressing.

You see people leaving all the time because it’s one of those series that people basically do their part in—mostly the three years—and then move on to various things and explore other acting opportunities. because creating one character takes a lot of time—three years. As a result, I witnessed people leaving frequently during my three and a half years. As a result, even before I started, I was planning my exit because you simply see it all the time. The day eventually arrived after that. Despite the fact that I was so exhausted, I wasn’t particularly anxious and felt relatively prepared to start.

I was prepared to extend myself by utilizing the knowledge I had gained. I had a strong desire to attend theatrical school. And while I was saying that, I received the most lovely farewell. On your final day and in your final scene, you give speeches. Everyone is there to celebrate your experience on the show, regardless of how brief it was, as you exit the studio. Additionally, I had the producer and around four other very significant people give speeches. And it fulfilled every fantasy I had ever had.

He was supposed to keep the chair. He said this in an effort to keep the secret until the opening night. He then called me that day about 11:00 AM. Because I had been attending school all week, it was like a Thursday, and I had to quickly set up because I had to come in that day. Also singing was being played by a good friend of mine. So she entered. She completed all of her tasks. And I did hang all of my paintings.

He then called me and informed me that it was the day of my display. How’s it going for you? I replied, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Hope to receive it on time. And he responded by asking when he could assist. I then went and used a couple curse words. I asked, “What?” I asked, “What?” He then responded, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll come help.” And it was really great. Really cool, really. Yeah.

He eventually arrived and met all of my drama pals. That evening, we went to the pub, and the next morning, we had breakfast at his hotel. Then he walked away. However, it was just so incredibly unique. He might not be aware of how exceptional that was. My goal is to monetize my artistic endeavors. Even if I can’t live on it, I am sure

Acting is therefore my passion, and art will contribute to my financial well-being. That is my dream. You already know which one, if I had to pick just one, I’d pick art. But yes, in order for me to be able to act freely, I’m attempting to make money off of my art.

Instead of purchasing originals, which can be quite expensive and are expensive to paint, I have a lot of items coming out in smaller sizes. I’ll therefore be receiving a lot of A5 prints. Many A3 prints are being produced. I only have Instagram, then.

I run an internet store in addition to my Etsy shop. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive piece of my artwork, it came from me. It appears that some of it was created on my iPad with Procreate and the pen. And part of that is actually printed acrylic on canvas. Check it out, then.

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