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‘Home and Away’s Harley Bonner and Sam Frost reveal poisoning drama

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Logan and Jasmine’s battle against time to save lives following a terrifying mass poisoning incident is detailed by Summer Bay’s Harley Bonner and Sam Frost.

Harley Bonner and Sam Frost of Home and Away have confessed to whattowatch.com that their characters Dr. Logan Bennett and Jasmine Delaney put themselves in jeopardy as a result of the mass poisoning at Salt!



We left Summer Bay before the Christmas break with the shocking news that Tane Parata was being hunted by an unknown assailant (Ethan Browne).

His malevolent stalker had him sedated and then sprayed with a toxic agricultural pesticide in an intricate set-up.

Some of Summer Bay’s finest are in danger as the pesticide fumes leak into the gym air vents and into Salt restaurant upstairs, where they’ve congregated for Martha Stewart’s (Belinda Giblin) charity event.



When detective Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) notices what’s going on, he tells Salt owner Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) to contact 911 and dispatch a HAZMAT team to cleanse the partygoers.

Nurse Jasmine, who is on the balcony and insulated from the poison, is a lucky break for others who are affected.

Logan gets on the scene just as Tane is about to go into cardiac arrest, and it’s a race against time for Logan and Jasmine to keep him alive!



W2W: Do Logan and Jasmine believe they are endangering their own health?

“As soon as Jasmine realizes what’s going on, she switches to nurse mode.” Always puts others’ needs ahead of her own. It’s who she is, and it’s why she’s such an excellent nurse.”

Logan stops by to see [girlfriend] Mac, Harley says. It’s fortunate that he and Jasmine are both present since they can instantly go to work. Logan takes all of the hazards into account, but assisting people is his first focus.”

W2W: How do they feel now that the situation has subsided?

“I’m startled and moved!” says Sam. All of Jasmine’s friends are caught up in the action. Putting emotions aside is incredibly challenging.”

Harley: “They’re exhausted. You should try compressing Tane’s chest!”



W2W: Do Logan and Jasmine think Tane may die and can they do anything to save him?

Harley: “They wouldn’t be any good at their jobs if they thought BEEEEEEEEEEEP meant he was all good! But of course, where there’s a will, there’s away.”

Sam: “They think he could die at any stage, so they do everything they can to try and save him.”

Are any of the other residents at serious risk of dying?

“Yes, quite a few!” says Sam. The poisoning is serious, and it might have major short- and long-term consequences for the health of some of Summer Bay’s most popular residents. It’s clear from away that Martha and Leah (Ada Nicademou) are having trouble managing.”

‘Harley,’ I say “Two more Summer Bay favorites are at severe danger of negative side effects. However, the nature of the side effects is unanticipated…”



W2W: Sam, is Jasmine scared for Cash’s safety, considering the trauma she went through losing her husband Robbo Shaw (Jake Ryan)?

“One of Jasmine’s greatest fears is losing someone she cares about prematurely again.” She wants to keep Cash close to her heart and ensure that he is always safe and protected.”

W2W: Harley, there have been non-stop medical emergencies for Logan since he arrived last summer! Are you looking forward to settling into a less hectic routine in the Bay?

“I’ve enjoyed every element of portraying Logan!” Harley says. Every day, it’s a pleasure to embody him. I’m extremely fortunate, and I’ll cherish every moment I have with him.”


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