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Home and Away’s Heather Fraser spooks Marilyn Chambers with break-in

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Next week on UK television, Home and Away con artist Heather Fraser intensifies her attempts to harm Marilyn Chambers.

The long-lost daughter of Marilyn, Heather, has arrived in town with a cunning scheme to exact revenge on the Summer Bay favourite.

The closest friends of Marilyn continue to be concerned about why she is acting so strangely in the episodes airing on Channel 5 the following week.

Marilyn is unable to explain why she feels so negatively about Heather’s presence in the Bay since she doesn’t want to reveal her secret.

With Marilyn’s loved ones concerned for her mental health, she even agrees to see a doctor to pacify them.

After an emotional day, Marilyn falls asleep on the couch just as Heather creeps into her home.

Heather sneaks around the house, placing an empty bottle of wine and glass next to Marilyn to make it look like she has been drinking.

She also places her baby photo on Marilyn, wanting to freak her out.

Even agreeing to see a doctor to appease her loved ones who are worried about Marilyn’s mental health

After a difficult day, Marilyn drifts off to sleep on the couch as Heather enters her house.

In order to make Marilyn appear drunk, Heather sneaks around the house and sets an empty wine bottle and glass next to her.

In an effort to scare Marilyn, she also places a photo of her as a baby on her.

As Marilyn tells Leah about her background, she explains that she had had an affair with a married man while working as his maid, which surprises Leah.

During the relationship, Marilyn became pregnant, but she later felt pushed to give the child away since her boss and his wife insisted they could offer the child a better upbringing.

When Marilyn pledges to secrecy, Leah is placed in a challenging situation. Will Leah be able to remain silent while worried about her friend?

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