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Home and Away’s Heather makes a new enemy in 31 spoiler pictures

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Your full collection of photos showing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, October 31.

Monday, October 31: Cash delivers some surprising news

He tells Felicity that a complaint has been made against him at work for police brutality, after he used excessive force during an arrest.

Tuesday, November 1: Bree heads out for a surf

She’s in high spirits, but not for long.

Tuesday, November 1: Bree spots something in the distance

She sees Remi, but he’s not alone.

Tuesday, November 1: Remi is entertaining a new love interest

He has moved on with his attentions after learning that Bree is married.

Tuesday, November 1: Bree heads in the opposite direction

It seems that she still has feelings for Remi.

Wednesday, November 2: Bree is awkward around Remi

They struggle to be friends after Remi’s previous flirtation.

Wednesday, November 2: Remi wants to get things back on track

Bree isn’t so sure.

Wednesday, November 2: Remi can see that Bree is avoiding him

He suggests they should talk about it.

Wednesday, November 2: Remi and Bree spend some time together

They finally manage to relax and enjoy a platonic relationship.

Wednesday, November 2: There’s a sense that Bree is still longing for Remi

How strongly does she feel about him?

Wednesday, November 2: Ziggy heads out for a surf

She continues to enjoy her passion.

Wednesday, November 2: Ziggy starts to feel unwell

She’s hit with a wave of morning sickness.

Wednesday, November 2: Dean becomes concerned

Ziggy has now been struggling with morning sickness for some time.

Wednesday, November 2: Ziggy reassures Dean

She won’t let the nausea stop her from doing what she loves.

Wednesday, November 2: Bree crosses paths with Ziggy

She checks up on her Summer Bay neighbour.

Wednesday, November 2: Ziggy lies to Bree

Deciding not to mention the morning sickness, she makes out that she’s fine.

Thursday, November 3: Dean sends a text to check in on Ziggy

He wants to make sure everything is okay after Ziggy’s recent bouts of nausea.

Thursday, November 3: Heather comes to see Nikau at work

John watches on and isn’t impressed.

Thursday, November 3: Nikau kisses Heather

But John soon warns Nikau to get back to work.

Thursday, November 3: Nikau is disappointed as John becomes stern

John is usually more easy-going.

Thursday, November 3: Heather and John share a tense exchange

John is starting to realise that Heather is not to be trusted.

Thursday, November 3: Heather realises that she can’t fool John as easily as Marilyn’s other friends

John thinks that something is strange about Heather’s interest in Marilyn.

Thursday, November 3: Heather has a new challenge on her hands

How can she stop John from causing trouble for her?

Friday, November 4: Alf spots some worrying vandalism

John’s tyres have been slashed.

Friday, November 4: Alf watches on as John heads over

Someone clearly wants revenge.

Friday, November 4: John is furious

He wonders who could be responsible.

Friday, November 4: John soon has a theory

It seems that Heather could have been to blame.

Friday, November 4: Tane helps Felicity to relax

He gives her an impromptu massage.

Friday, November 4: Tane prepares a romantic meal for Felicity

He wants to discuss the future.

Friday, November 4: Tane has become inspired by Ziggy and Dean’s commitment to each other

He recently learned that Ziggy is pregnant. But does Felicity want to settle down in the same way?

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