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Home and Away’s Johnny Ruffo spills on a possible return

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Former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo has revealed that he would love to return to Summer Bay. The fan-favourite played Chris Harrington on the soap from 2013 to 2016, and ended up winning a Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent in 2014.

The star shared the screen with other popular actors, such as Samara Weaving (Indi Walker), Kassandra Clementi (Maddy Osborne) and Demi Harman (Sasha Bezel). He famously developed an onscreen and offscreen relationship with comedy partner Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts), who he still considers a close friend today.

Five years ago, the celebrity learned he had a brain tumour, but he was pronounced cancer-free in 2019. Sadly, his disease came back, and the X Factor contestant said in August 2022 that it was terminal.

Despite this, he has remained upbeat throughout his health battle and tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he hopes to feature in Summer Bay in a cameo.

I would like returning to Home and Away so that I could spend more time with Irene. I had a terrific relationship with Lynne on [the programme] and we still do now that Home and Away is over,” he tells us.

Johnny receives frequent “darling” comments from Lynne on his Instagram posts, as well as supportive words while he fights cancer.

“We are pretty good friends,” Johnny says before revealing that he will be meeting Lynne for dinner on Saturday.

In terms of how he envisions his on-screen persona returning, he wants to “simply show up” at the Pier Diner.

Just walk in and order a coffee, like, without telling anyone. And Lynne, er, Irene, would say, “Chris!” He chuckles.

‘Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow’

This comes after Johnny said he wants to put more emphasis on creating memories right now than on thinking about the future.

“Whether you are sick or not…

Nobody has any idea what will occur tomorrow. That’s where I am right now, so you have to live in the present and enjoy each day as it comes,” he told us.

He makes an effort to express his love to those he cares about while also worrying about how his girlfriend Tahnee Sims will fare if he loses his cancer battle.

He admonished, “I suppose it’s inevitable for the ones that you love that they’re going to have to go through something that’s quite difficult at some point. “Therefore, make an effort to see them as often as you can. Make wonderful memories. So when they do think of you, they smile and remember the wonderful things.

The star is thrilled that his one dream for Christmas this year is about to come true. Michael, his brother, whom Johnny admires, will be spending Christmas with family in Australia.

The siblings talk frequently on the phone, but because Michael lives in Ireland, he hasn’t actually seen Johnny since a long time ago.

My brother and I haven’t spoken in three years. I adore my brother so much; he is my all-time hero,” he gushes. “He’s returning to Perth, therefore we’re returning to Perth, where we’ll celebrate Christmas together. I am impatient.

“Seeing my brother is something I’d like for Christmas. I will undoubtedly receive that this year, he said.

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