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Home and Away’s Kirby and Theo face relationship crisis over Bob

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A miscommunication between the pair causes chaos.

Next week, a relationship challenge for Kirby Aramoana and Theo Poulos from Home and Away will air on UK television.

After Bob Forsyth, Kirby’s ex-boyfriend, visits Summer Bay, a startling gulf between the couple begins to grow.

Bob returns to town in upcoming episodes of Channel 5 and makes every effort to win Kirby back. When Kirby makes it plain that she is committed to her new boyfriend Theo, Bob is disappointed.

Despite this, Bob remains unyielding and holds out hope that he may still remove Theo from the picture.

In fresh scenes, Bob tries to win Kirby over by pleading for assistance to save his faltering music career.

Bob believes that their band Lyrik’s rising popularity will be able to help him since they have grown steadily since he departed.

Bob offers that they could play one final song together at Salt at their subsequent performance. Kirby, who has been advocating for Bob to leave town, mulls over the idea.

Soon after, Theo gets an unexpected call from Kirby confirming that Bob will perform with Lyrik that evening at the gig. Theo makes the mistaken assumption that this is for the entire concert and decides to remain away.

The band is shocked to discover that lead vocalist Theo has vanished when they get to Salt to set up later. Theo won’t be attending, and Justin Morgan, Lyrik’s manager, needs to let everyone know.

Bob, who is ecstatic by the news, offers to sing the other songs as well. The other members of Lyrik reject this since they don’t want to perform without Theo.

Since there is no immediate solution to break this impasse, Justin regrettably informs the crowded crowd that Lyrik’s performance will be canceled.

Back home later, Kirby rebukes Theo for being childish and letting the band down.

Theo explains himself in response, pointing out that Kirby’s voicemail made it sound like Bob was replacing him for the whole gig. Can the couple put their miscommunication aside and finally leave Bob in the past?

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