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Home and Away’s Kirby and Theo share upsetting news with Remi

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There’s a big change for Lyrik’s future.

Home and Away‘s Kirby Aramoana and Theo Poulos make a big decision over the short-term future of Lyrik in next week’s UK episodes.

Kirby and Theo have found themselves at a standstill since two separate Summer Bay dramas left Lyrik out of action.

The couple’s bandmate Remi Carter is unable to play guitar after evil Jacob Cameron smashed up his hand with a hammer a few weeks ago.

Eden Fowler, who was involved in the vehicle accident that occurred on the day of Felicity Newman and Tane Parata’s wedding, is still getting better.

Eden’s injuries put her in a coma for several weeks; after coming to, she is now dealing with memory loss.

In upcoming episodes of Channel 5, Mackenzie Booth begins to fret about how losing Lyrik might affect her company’s finances.

In exchange for weekly shifts at her restaurant, Salt, Mac has a contract with Lyrik. Her lover Gabe Miller notes that she’s losing too much money while not holding the group to the terms of this agreement.

Remi is shocked when Kirby and Theo let him know about Mac and Justin’s suggestion.

He stubbornly refuses to give his blessing, but Kirby points out that their savings are gone and their rent is due.

When Remi is also challenged by Mac over his stance, he reluctantly gives the all-clear for Lyrik to go ahead without him and Eden. But will he be able to cope when Kirby and Theo take to the stage for their first gig later in the week?

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