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Home and Away’s Lukas Radovich doesn’t look like this anymore! Actor undergoes a dramatic transformation

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Lukas Radovich from Home and Away has shown a stunning hair makeover.

This week, the actress who played Ryder Jackson on the soap opera showed her blond hair on Instagram.

The celebrity ditched his trademark curling, dark hair in favor of an ultra-chic bleached blond appearance.

The New Zealand location was indicated by the Australian actor.

Lukas kept his admirers in the dark about the project he was working on there or whether he was merely a tourist.

Prior to his farewell episode, the actor bid goodbye to Home and Away in a moving Instagram post in May of this year.

What a thrilling ride. I’ll make it brief because I can’t truly articulate how the past five years have felt or affected my life,’ Lukas wrote.

I’ll miss the job, but I’ll miss the people more than anything.

A big thanks to Tony Gardner for empathetically leading my last block. And thanks to the SHOW’s fans, who helped to make the event extraordinary.

The most difficult sequence to film, according to Lukas, was the season finale from the previous year, in which Ryder was placed alive in a coffin for a video challenge.

Ryder was buried alive in the episode by his pal Theo, who was portrayed by actor Matt Evans.

To raise money to pay off a debt owing to Ryder’s mother, Roo Stewart, who is portrayed by Georgie Parker, the guys organize a hoax.

But when Theo is hurt and Ryder gets stuck in an underground coffin, everything goes horribly wrong.

“I knew it was going to be significant when I saw that the call sheet just had my name on it for the entire day,” he told 7Entertainment.

It was difficult to learn and to spend so much time soaked in mud. However, it was also the most fruitful.

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