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Home and Away’s Lynne McGranger discusses the death of Irene’ tear jerking.’

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She portrayed Irene Roberts on a long-running soap, Home and Away, for almost three decades.

And now Lynne McGranger has announced that she needs to see a tear-jerking departure with her character.

The actress, 67, told Perth Now that there’s no intention for Irene to get killed shortly, but she needs an emotional resolution when the time comes.

How will she be killed off? Home and Away star Lynne McGranger has discussed her character Irene’s ‘tear jerking’ death as she approaches 30 years on the long-running soap

‘There is no scheduled death for her as far as I know yet, but when I go I want her (Irene) to die what I call a Molly death, as in A Country Tradition,’ she said.

‘She closed her eyes, and the black vanished. The entire world afterward was in rehabilitation … I’d love such a tear-jerker,’ said Lynne.

One of Australian TV’s most memorable moments back in the eighties was the suicide of Molly Jones (played by Anne Tenney) after fighting leukemia in A Country Practice.

Poignant last scene: The actress, 67, told Perth Now that there is no plan for Irene to be killed-off in the near future, but when they time comes, she wants an emotional ending

From her perspective, Molly’s final moments were seen watching her husband fly a kite with their daughter.

But Lynne noticed that she was not going to have the final say on how to kill Irene.

That’s my plan, so we’re going to see it. Before she is shuffled off in a package, I’m sure they have a lot of stuff prepared for Irene,’ she said.

This is not the first time Lynne has spoken about how she wants to bring an end to Irene’s story.

She said to News.com.au once, ‘I want spectators to be hysterical with sorrow. I want people to sob for weeks after that.’

She disclosed to Daily Mail Australia in 2018 that when she started the job in 1993, she planned to be on Home and Away for 12 months.

‘I figured it would be three months, maybe six months to a year, to be honest. But it just started to go and go,’ she added.

Still going strong! In 2018, she revealed to Daily Mail Australia that she expected to be on Home and Away for a maximum of 12 months when she began the role in 1993. ‘I thought it was three months, maybe six months to a year. But it just kept going and going,’ she said

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