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Home and Away’s Marilyn shares Heather truth in 31 spoiler pictures

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Your full collection of photos showing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, October 17.

Monday, October 17: Rose shares some news with Xander

A court date has finally been set in the biker gang case, which could finally provide Tane and Nikau with some closure.

Monday, October 17: Rose shares a further piece of news

She explains that she has been recommended for a commendation for the recent bikie bust

Monday, October 17: Rose admits that she doesn’t feel comfortable about the commendation

As Cash was shot during the biker gang operation, Rose thinks it’d be wrong to accept any praise.

Monday, October 17: Rose continues to reflect on the situation

She points out that she only had insider information on the biker gang because she was sleeping with Tex, one of the criminals.

Monday, October 17: Rose suggests that she may turn down the commendation

But Xander doesn’t think this would be the right move.

Monday, October 17: Rose returns from a swim

She tells Xander that she has made her decision

Monday, October 17: Rose says that she won’t accept the commendation

Xander secretly calls Cash, hoping he can help to change Rose’s mind.

Monday, October 17: Marilyn tries to confide in Leah

She explains that Heather broke into her house last night.

Monday, October 17: Roo interrupts

Marilyn rudely dismisses Roo, not wanting to talk to her about this.

Monday, October 17: Marilyn and Leah continue to talk

Marilyn explains that Heather seems to be playing games.

Monday, October 17: Marilyn is put on the spot

Leah asks why Heather would be going to such a big effort to cause trouble.

Monday, October 17: Marilyn holds back from telling the truth

She doesn’t share the full story with Leah.

Tuesday, October 18: Leah persists with Marilyn

She tries to talk to her again.

Tuesday, October 18: Marilyn is finally ready to talk

She chooses Leah as a confidante.

Tuesday, October 18: Marilyn explains who Heather really is

She says that Heather is her daughter.

Tuesday, October 18: Marilyn’s revelation shocks Leah

Marilyn has never mentioned having a daughter before.

Tuesday, October 18: Marilyn shares more details

When she was younger, she had an affair with her boss while working as a housekeepe.

Tuesday, October 18: Marilyn says that she found out she was pregnant with her boss’s baby

She continued to stay with him and his wife throughout the pregnancy.

Tuesday, October 18: Marilyn recalls how everything changed

Once the baby was born, Marilyn’s lover and his wife insisted on adopting the baby.

Tuesday, October 18: Marilyn swears Leah to secrecy

She still doesn’t want Roo or Alf to know.

Wednesday, October 19: Cash visits the Diner

He’s looking for Rose, after trying to kiss her the night before.

Wednesday, October 19: Cash knows he has an apology to make

He regrets what happened.

Wednesday, October 19: Cash becomes agitated

When Irene asks too many questions, Cash accuses her of poking her nose in.

Wednesday, October 19: Cash’s outburst attracts attention

Everyone is shocked.

Wednesday, October 19: Rose walks in

She witnesses the row.

Wednesday, October 19: Cash takes Rose to one side

He suggests they should talk somewhere more private.

Wednesday, October 19: Rose is still annoyed

But she agrees that Cash can come back to her place to talk.

Wednesday, October 19: John, Irene and Justin talk about Cash

They’re still startled by his outburst earlier on.

Wednesday, October 19: John and Justin can see that Irene is upset

It’s the first time that Cash has ever spoken to Irene like that.

Wednesday, October 19: Irene wonders whether to talk to Felicity

But the others warn her not to get involved any further.

Thursday, October 20: Justin meets Bree for the first time

They chat about the surf.

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