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Home and Away’s Matt Evans shocks fans with 10kg transformation: ‘Inspiring’

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The Summer Bay actor embarked on a strict fitness regime.

Star of Home and Away Matt Evans has shared his amazing eight-week workout transformation. With Harris Barclay serving as her personal trainer, the 25-year-old celebrity successfully lost 10 kg.

The actor turned around in a video that he shared on TikTok, revealing his body to followers before beginning the “shred.” He was on black BONDS underwear. Matt weighed ninety kilograms at this point in his life.

Then, his TikTok cuts to a leaner, more muscular version of him, showing off his biceps in the gym mirror. The celebrity, who was only sporting shorts and a baseball cap, flaunted his well-defined abdominal muscles.

He raved about his personal trainer on Instagram and shared how, in just two months, he was able to undergo such a significant metamorphosis.

Last year, I did a huge bulk that continued through Christmas, and it was the first time in my life that I had ever weighed 90 kg. I’m back to my favorite weight of 80 kg,” he said to the crowd.

“Yes, Harris drafted my workout schedule and nutrition, which did not include any cardio. If I wanted to be more active, I would merely go on periodic walks.”

Matt clarified that his exercise schedule was customized especially for him and that his diet was “easy to follow.”

Harris is a really nice guy who also makes sure you stay on track by checking in every two weeks. Harris Barclay is the person to see if you want to get in really good shape! “Thanks again, brother,” he said.

His famous friends expressed their affection, with Emily Weir (Mackenzie Booth) from Home and Away posting a fire emoji in the comments.

@thisismattevans #CapCut ♬ original sound – Matt Evans

“Bloody hell mate well done!” exclaimed Kirsty Marillier, who plays Rose Delaney on the soap.

“Well done mate. Now, can I just borrow a couple of those abs. Don’t be greedy,” quipped Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac.

“Broooooo!!!! Skuxxxy as heck!! Lesssgooooo,” added Kiwi actor Jordi Webber, who is rumoured to be joining the cast at some point.

His fans also flooded the comment section with their surprise.

“Wow Matt. You look absolutely amazing. Well done!!!” one fan wrote.“This is so inspiring, holy s**t Matt,” another added.“Looked good before and looks good after! This man really is flawless,” a third chimed in.“You look amazing well done Matt, hard work paid off,” another remarked.

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