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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata makes a heartbreaking decision over Bella Nixon

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Is this the end for Bella and Nikau?

Tane Parata is having a difficult time in Home and Away as he continues to have issues with the motorcycle gang; this is going to cause his nephew Nikau to make a devastating decision.

Tane’s situation has gotten worse over the past few weeks as a result of his need to help the gang hide money in order to protect himself and those around him. Tane, though, is starting to feel the pressure of the gang’s agony and it has not abated.

Felicity Newman is one individual who recognises how much assistance he requires and contacts him to offer support just when he needs it most.

Tane informs the family that they could all become targets for whatever the bikers have planned next, and this alerts people around him that they could be in grave danger.

Nikau decides to sacrifice his happiness for Bella Nixon’s protection by ending their relationship since he realises that she may be in danger if she goes back to Summer Bay.

Bella is perplexed and upset by the abrupt decision to break up with Nikau over the phone while she is still in New York, and he must deal with the fallout while Nikau is distraught.

In addition, Bella’s journey has come to an end because actress Courteney Miller has stepped down from the part.

When Nikau agreed to stay, she and he had planned on having a long-distance relationship, but now that their relationship is gone, she is determined to remain in America permanently.

When the scenes aired in Australia, she took to Instagram to say farewell to the show and the character of Bella, saying: “To the time of my life. Thank-you @homeandaway. Forever and always your Bella.”

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