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Home and Away’s real pregnancy shocks – after-birth sex ban fail to IVF ‘miracle’

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Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni has had her professional surfing career thrown into jeopardy with the realisation that she is pregnant with Dean’s baby – and life indeed imitates art

The discovery that Ziggy Astoni is carrying Dean’s child this week will come as a major surprise to Home and Away viewers.

Ziggy must choose whether or not to carry the pregnancy because her competitive surfing career is in jeopardy.

But as the saying goes, “reality imitates art,” and away from the cameras, the Australian soap’s actresses have experienced plenty of pregnancy shocks of their own, including becoming a mother at age 45 and getting pregnant again just six weeks after giving birth.

The Daily Star examines the real-life surprises for the Channel 5 cast, including sex prohibitions that just didn’t work and the miracle of IVF after a difficult time becoming pregnant.

First time mum at 45

Just a few days before turning 46, Emily Symons, star of Home and Away, gave birth to a boy.

The Marilyn Chambers actress and her partner Paul Jackson had a baby boy, but she acknowledged she thought she was “too old” to have a child.

She stated to the Australian newspaper Daily Telegraph: “I really believed it couldn’t happen and that I was too old.

“I believed it to be impossible, but it’s not. Actually, I had given up. I believed that I had explored every option that was open to us. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the entire procedure, my suggestion is to persevere.

IVF was used to conceive her son, who Emily refers to as a “dream come true.”

Pregnant six weeks after giving birth

Beauty of Home and Away After giving birth to her first child, Christie Hayes acknowledged she was unable to refrain from sex for long enough and became pregnant again six weeks later.

From 2000 until 2009, the actress who played Kristy Philips had two children who were only 11 months apart.

She admitted: “I was interested in sex right away.” on the This Glorious Mess podcast.

“Nine months without having sex is a significant amount of time.

But we were both kind of missing each other and I missed my spouse.

The actress continued, saying on her blog: “My first baby was planned, my second was a surprise. I’ve “copped flak” for getting pregnant so fast. a MAJOR surprise

“One that has resulted in the now cringe-inducing experience of others discussing my sex life in public. One that I have received praise for.

“This was me. At a time when I should have been happy and pregnant, I had just given birth, was so exhausted that I couldn’t even remember my own name. AGAIN.”

Daniel White, Christie’s partner, and she had two sons together, Harley and Hendrix.

Fertility struggle

As Tori Morgan, the actress Penny McNamee participated in her fair number of pregnancy dramas and learned she would give birth to her own miracle child in 2018.

The celebrity learned she had endometriosis that same year, which can make it difficult to get pregnant.

She and her husband Matt Tooker already had a baby together, named Jack, and only learned of her condition during surgery.

“I got the operation, and normally doctors say that you really need to fall pregnant within the first six months after,” she said in an interview with New Idea. The endometriosis hasn’t yet started to come back, so that’s your greatest chance.

“We had intended to try for six months before moving on to IVF. So when we discovered we were expecting in the fifth month, we were just so grateful and relieved. I didn’t want to get my hopes up at first because I was a little bit skeptical.

Neve, Penny’s daughter, was later born.

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