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Home and Away’s return sees a character die and a life on the line

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Home and Awayreturned on Monday night with a shocking mid-season return, as Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) was shot during the bikie raid.

This week, Cash’s life hangs in the balance, Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) is overwhelmed with guilt, and a new romance blossoms.

Rose begs her brother Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) to save Cash’s life after his heart stops while they are in the ambulance. He arrives to the hospital unharmed, but he subsequently experiences a heart collapse and might not make it out alive.

Kirsty Marillier discussed Rose’s thoughts during the emotional storyline with Yahoo Lifestyle.

She begins, “As you’ve obviously noticed, Rose feels things very strongly, and this scenario with Cash raises a lot for her to digest.

When it comes to her police career, Rose has a strong sense of honour, so when the bikie raid goes wrong, Rose is taken to some dark, emotional areas.

The actor also discusses what it was like to film the raid, admitting that it was very different from a typical day of production.

“My favourite day thus far on site has been filming the mid-season finale/return. These kinds of days frequently take place on a grand scale, she explains.

“We shot in a different location—a fire station out in the middle of the bush somewhere. There were a lot of protocols we had to follow, including working with an armourer. And generally, the energy of the shoot was different from your typical day in the restaurant.”

Felicity rips Rose apart

When she learns that her brother Cash may not survive, Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), who has always been a fiery character, doesn’t hold back.

She gestures at Rose and spits, “You did this!” as she accuses Rose of killing her brother.

Due to the fact that both Felicity and Rose care so intensely about Cash, Kirsty describes the heated exchange between them as “complicated.”

“I believe that Rose is internally aware that Felicity is only acting out of fear, but she is compelled to assume responsibility in the heat of the moment.

She is extremely guilty about what went wrong. I felt like I really got to the heart of Rose’s shadow during the scene’s actual filming, she adds.

A new romance blossoms

Both Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) and Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson), members of the band, are currently dealing with broken hearts as a result of recent breakups.

As the two bond over music and heartache, Summer Bay’s new relationship is likely to flourish. The duo quickly finds themselves enjoying a passionate kiss.

Chloe Anderson, Theo’s ex-girlfriend, just flew to New Zealand from the peaceful town to avoid the wrath of the bikies. Sam Barrett.

After her tearful farewell, Sam’s co-stars shared heartfelt tributes to her, leaving fans wondering why she left so abruptly.

It’s possible that her departure was expedited so that Theo could fall in love with the new character. Fans have noticed Kirby and Theo spending a lot of time together while shooting sequences in Palm Beach.

This indicates that the couple will probably last a long time because the show begins recording about six months in advance.

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