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Home and Away’s Sarah Roberts speaks about her deep connection with former co-star Sam Frost following rumours she’s split with husband James Stewarts

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Sarah Roberts, a star of Home and Away, has spoken about her close bond with Sam Frost, a former co-star.

Sam recently stood by Sarah at the Wog Boys Forever film premiere in Melbourne, where the two were spotted hugging.

Sammy is one of my most lovely friends. She’s one of my greatest friends and has always supported me, Sarah said to Yahoo.

The stunning brunette who played Willow Harris on the venerable soap opera claimed the two constantly encourage one another and their endeavors.

She currently resides in Melbourne, and I am still in Sydney, so I really miss her. Every chance I have, I love to see her,” she continued.

While Sarah admitted that she loved working on Home and Away, she had hoped to start moving away from the emotional plotlines in favor of roles with more humorous elements, like those in Wog Boy.

She stated, “I really wanted to make a comedy.”

“My Wog Boy character sort of tells the whole movie the truth,” I said. And I appear in several of the moments with the lads, so it was quite challenging to maintain my composure on set.

Recently, Sarah felt compelled to deny that she and her husband, James Stewart, had split up.

She said on Now to Love over the weekend, “We’re happy.

When Stewart was conspicuously absent from the Melbourne premiere of his wife’s most recent movie, Wog Boys Forever, rumors of a breakup began to circulate.

Sarah stated to the media Following her recent vacation to Italy, James, 46, was as amorous as ever, even picking her up from the airport with a basket of flowers.

When I arrived from Tuscany last week, he met me at the airport with a substantial bunch of pink tulips, she recalled.

“He’s been wonderful, and I’ve been sick recently.” He’s been taking care of me with foot massages and chicken soup.

When Stewart was conspicuously absent from his wife’s most recent movie premiere, Wog Boys Forever, in Melbourne, rumors of a breakup began to circulate.

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