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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman breaks silence on wedding plans

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Fans of Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor’s July vacation pictures noticed an intriguing nuance that sent sleuthing Home and Away fans into a frenzy.

Fans noticed right away that the couple, who portray Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson on television, appeared especially in love and that Sophie frequently disguised her left ring finger in the pictures.

Fans quickly came to believe that Patrick had meticulously prepared the ideal proposal while they were traveling around Greece.
When discussing the engagement rumors with Yahoo Lifestyle, Sophie laughs as she explains.
One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was this. It really was an extravaganza,” she says.
I didn’t mean to hide my left hand in every photo, but apparently I do. Maybe this is just a better angle overall?

The golden couple from Home and Away are seriously dating, but there aren’t any signs of a wedding just yet.

“Shiny skin. She quips, flashing her bare wedding finger, “I’m still free, boys. Still on the market.

The celebrity also opened up about her romantic journey to Greece with Patrick and raved about her love of the country.
Greece is so beautiful. The water is incredibly pure, and I’m a water baby at heart. She screams, “The water was so pure, the fish had shadows.
The country was described as “wonderful” and “breathtaking,” so it sounds like their European journey met all of her expectations.
“You don’t get burned by the sun as you do in Australia. You are not burned! You simply get brown and delectable, and Aperol is present everywhere, she claims.

‘Really great’

Following Sophie’s admission to Yahoo Lifestyle about working with her spouse, this has happened.
Before appearing on Home and Away, the Queenslanders were friends from university, and their fictional relationships began before their actual romance did.
Since we had previously collaborated, working with Paddy is actually extremely great. So, she explains, “First, we had a wonderful working connection.
“I truly like his work ethic, some of his decisions, and the way he approaches his characters and plotlines. He has taught me a lot, she exclaims.
Nevertheless, no matter how close you are to your co-star, kissing moments never become commonplace.”Very [weird] definitely. Here, you have a cameraman moving “near, to the left, to the right.” It’s strange,” she chuckles.

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