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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman on Patrick’s new look: ‘Original’

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Home and Awaystar Sophie Dillman (Ziggy Astoni) has revealed what she really thinks of her boyfriend’s brand-new look. Patrick O’Connor, who plays Dean Thompson on the show, debuted a striking new hairdo two weeks ago.

Following in the footsteps of Kawakawa-Fox Reo (Nikau Parata) and Lukas Radovich (Ryder Jackson), the star made a drastic change by bleaching his natural dark hair blonde.

Sophie claims that although it appeared as though the actor was copying his co-stars, he actually came up with the concept first.

Paddy had mentioned going blonde for some time. He had blonde hair when I first met him, which would have been almost ten years ago, at acting school, the woman told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“He appeared fantastic. It seemed to fit him perfectly, she recalled. Therefore, he declared, “I want to shave my head and colour it blonde. And he has consistently said that.

Sophie claimed that Patrick wasn’t pleased with Lukas and Kawakawa’s decision to bleach their hair blonde.

She laughs, “Paddy was like, ‘They’re copying me…and I’m going to appear like I’m the copier!'” But he had the initial thought.

While Patrick’s controversial decision has received mixed reviews from the public, Sophie tells us what she thinks of his new hair. Both he and I adore it. She gushes, “I think it looks fantastic.

When Patrick presented his new look, Sleuthing fans were heartbroken since many thought it would mean he was quitting the show.

One admirer posted on social media, “Tell me you’re leaving Home and Away without telling me,”

“One of the pillars of Home and Away is you. If you guys are leaving, it’s quite sad,” a second person said.

I’ll need some time to get used to your hair, and I’m sad that Sophie and you are leaving Home and Away. I’ll miss you guys, a third person added.

“Kawakawa is on the road, so I think, yep, he’s gone too. I detest change, someone else chimed in.

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