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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman’s health battle: Chronic illness and first date disaster with co-star

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Ziggy Astoni has become a fan favourite since her first appearance in 2017, as she now faces a difficult decision between following her dream career and having a baby with Dean

With her depiction of Ziggy Astoni on Home and Away, Sophie Dillman has won many fans.

The protagonist has battled with various difficult themes, including learning of her husband Brody’s extramarital affair and her turbulent past.

But outside of the soap opera, the actress talked openly about her endometriosis and the excruciating pain it causes her.

Sophie has described how her disease causes her to experience a variety of symptoms, including painful periods that result in nausea and dizziness as well as a swelling stomach that can make her appear bloated.

She revealed that she accepted the fact that she would always have endometriosis despite having many procedures over the years to cope with the issue.

The Home and Away actress has been extremely candid about her endometriosis difficulties.

She claimed that even while Home and Away does not put any pressure on its cast members to appear a certain way, the actress nevertheless applies it to herself.

The performer added that when she first saw bloating, she freaked out because she was afraid she would be fired for not meeting society’s standards of beauty.

Sophie had to cut her first date with her boyfriend and co-star Patrick O’Connor short due to the daily hardships she faces as a result of having endometriosis.

She suddenly started hurting while eating at a restaurant in Newtown, and was sent to the hospital.

The soap star attempted to take a seat in the middle of the roadway while calling her mother to request that she be sent to the hospital.

She added that when Patrick saw her in anguish, he turned white but did his utmost to comfort her.

Patrick started learning more about endometriosis after their first date ended poorly as her condition started to deteriorate once more.

In addition to assembling a “pain kit” for Sophie at his house, he started keeping a hot water bottle for her in his automobile.

She acknowledged her family’s and her boyfriend’s support for getting her through the difficult and painful endometriosis phases.

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