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Home and Away’s surfer doctor riding crest of a wave

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Juliet Godwin, a recent arrival to Summer Bay, is creating waves—and riding them—in what she describes as her ideal position as the community’s newest physician.

The performer, 28, who emigrated from Zimbabwe to Australia when she was six years old, claims that Home And Away swiftly earned a spot on her family’s regular television viewing schedule.

If it was on and we were home, we most certainly had it on.

I used to perform for my parents and our family’s friends when I was a kid, and I always thought it’d be awesome to get the chance to appear on Home And Away. It really is a significant aspect of Australian culture.

After countless auditions over the course of a few decades, her goal has finally come true.

Godwin made her acting debut last month in an action-packed sequence where she had to save the life of shot local constable Cash Newman as the new emergency department doctor Bree Cameron at Northern Districts Hospital (Nicholas Cartwright).

Godwin declares that acting is what truly warms his heart.

“I had tried out for several different roles on Home And Away, but when I read the character description, I was really pumped. She is a very amazing act, to be honest. Putting the audition tape down was a lot of fun.

The actor implies that Bree might have some secrets in addition to being a dedicated doctor who will go above and beyond for her patients.

There is more to it than first appears, and I can’t wait for the audience to see what else Bree has in store for them. Drama is about to ensue. It’s inevitable,” she asserts, pointing out that even she doesn’t fully understand the new approach.

“As the months went on, I learned more and more about her tale. At first, I understood the basics of who she was and what she was doing in the Bay. I get to read this book every week and I’m always wondering, “Oh, what happens next? “

Godwin claims that while not being a doctor, she does share her character’s passion for surfing.

I am not a professional; I have undoubtedly fallen off the board a few times, but the medical information was new to me. That requires extensive investigation and discussions with the on-set medical advisor. I like playing there even though the field was new, she adds.

“I am really impressed by how diligent she is. I suppose I truly respect both her warmth and work ethic. I believe it’s crucial to make an effort to always offer a nice, upbeat attitude to any setting, and I believe Bree does so whenever she can — you know, to brighten everyone’s day.

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