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Home and Away’s Tane Parata prepares for jail in emotional scenes

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Home and Away‘s Tane Parata loses hope for his future next week after being arrested for baby Maia’s kidnap.

Tane decides that a tough jail sentence is inevitable after handing himself in and giving Maia back.

The gym boss recently fled from Summer Bay with Maia, refusing to accept that she was being handed over to emergency foster carers. Since then, Maia’s mother has turned up at the police station to get her back.

This week’s episodes see the situation come to a head when Tane reaches out to Mali Hudson, asking his friend and housemate to retrieve his passport so he can flee the country with Maia.

Mali has other ideas and brings Harper Matheson to see Tane. Together, they convince him to do the right thing and bring Maia back to the Bay.

In follow-on scenes next week, Tane continues to be held at the police station after being arrested.

Harper stays at the station to wait for answers and she pleads Tane’s case to police constable Rose Delaney. Rose is unimpressed and warns Harper that she and Mali could both be facing charges for visiting Tane when he was on the run.

Rose shares similar words of warning with her boyfriend Mali, pointing out that he should have involved the police the minute he found out where Tane was hiding with the baby.

Mali refuses to accept that he did anything wrong and he criticises Rose’s lack of loyalty to their friend Tane, who’s still sitting alone in a cell at the station.

Rose is frustrated that she can’t get through to Mali. Worried about the strain on their relationship, she declares that she’ll be powerless to help if her boss at the police station decides to press charges against him and Harper.

Later, Tane appears in court and is granted bail. However, he stubbornly describes this small victory as “pointless” since he’ll be heading to jail soon either way.

Mali tells Harper that they need to persuade Tane to start fighting for himself before things get any worse.

Harper assures Tane that they’re not giving up on him, but he declares that they might as well just accept that he’s heading to prison. Could Tane be leaving the Bay?

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