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Home and Away’s Theo and Kirby risk a new rift in Lyrik

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Yet more problems for the band?

In Home and Away, Theo and Kirby have been keeping their relationship a secret from the other band members. The band appears to be in additional difficulties, despite the fact that their bandmates are aware of this and have promised not to obstruct them.

The band is beginning to suffer as a result of the infatuated couple’s honeymoon phase of romance, and neither of them put nearly as much effort into the band’s PR campaign as they should have.

But as Justin points out, Theo is already the greatest candidate for the job, and they should specifically lean on his social media knowledge to help raise Lyrik’s brand.

Theo decides to record a performance to upload online, but when Remi and Eden don’t pick up, he and Kirby decide to go ahead and sing a song together, showcasing their hot chemistry.

Although Kirby tells Theo that Remi and Eden won’t be offended by the duet airing on the channel due to their enormous online following, that assurance quickly proves to be, rather predictably, misplaced.

Soon after the video goes viral, a music writer contacts them to set up an interview.

Remi and Eden are absent once more, so Theo and Kirby continue the conversation without them. Nevertheless, despite their claim that Lyrik is a four-piece band, it is obvious that the interviewer is more curious about the relationship between the two of them.

When Remi and Eden learn the news, they are furious at being left out. However, they soon get over it when they realize how much publicity they would receive and admit that they should have picked up their phones to take advantage of the opportunity.

Even though it appears as though the situation has been resolved, everything starts to go wrong once more when the interview goes live and is only about Theo and Kirby, leaving out the rest of the band.

Once more enraged, the two become even more so when they watch the Kirby and Theo-produced duet music video and begin to worry that Lyrik as they know it may be gone.

Is this the band’s last performance?

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