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Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni faces life-changing baby decision

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She confides in Dean next week.

Ziggy Astoni from Home and Away will find out she is pregnant the following week, which will completely upend her world.

The moment Ziggy gets a pregnancy test and tells her boyfriend Dean Thompson, as seen in new spoiler images.

Ziggy’s life is already taking a new turn as she plans to begin travelling the nation to participate in various surf competitions.

The happy news that she won another contest is shared by Ziggy when she returns to the Bay in the Channel 5 programmes airing next week.

Ziggy adds that she has already received a sponsorship offer, so her efforts to follow her passion couldn’t be going any better.

Ziggy sets off for a casual surf at Summer Bay, eager to celebrate. Unfortunately, she quickly feels sick in the water and stumbles onto the sand while appearing disoriented.

Bree Cameron, the newest doctor in Summer Bay, runs over when she notices Ziggy is having trouble standing.

Bree examines Ziggy, but when she finds nothing that might be amiss, she wonders if she might be pregnant.

Although Ziggy quickly dismisses this, she decides to take a test when she gets home to be safe.

When the outcome is favourable, Ziggy cannot believe what she is witnessing.

Ziggy first keeps the information to herself as she considers her options.

Dean wants to continue celebrating Ziggy’s promising future as a professional surfer, but she worries him by asking whether it would be better to give up on the concept entirely.

Dean is perplexed by Ziggy’s sudden change of heart as she keeps quiet about the positive pregnancy test results.

In the end, Ziggy decides it would be better to tell Dean what is happening.

Ziggy tells Dean about her predicament and explains that she was ready to start an amazing professional surfing path but feels she would have to give it up if she had children.

Dean assures Ziggy that, whatever happens, they’re in this together. What will Ziggy decide to do?

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