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Home and Away’s Ziggy shares pregnancy news in 27 spoiler pictures

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Your full collection of photos showing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, October 10.

Tuesday, October 11: Leah playfully teases Justin

She mocks him for buying new outfits for Lyrik.

Tuesday, October 11: Theo is upset

He has made the difficult decision to end his relationship with Kirby after growing tired of keeping their connection secret.

Tuesday, October 11: Theo confides in Justin

He believes he has done the right thing.

Tuesday, October 11: Justin is sad for Theo

It’s the second time one of Theo’s relationships in the Bay hasn’t worked out.

Tuesday, October 11: Justin and Leah celebrate some happy news

Kirby and Theo manage to reunite after finally coming clean to Remi and Eden about their romance.

Wednesday, October 12: Heather is on her way to a study session

But she heads over to see Nikau first.

Wednesday, October 12: Heather is flirtatious towards Nikau

The pair recently spent the night together.

Wednesday, October 12: Nikau is enjoying spending time with Heather

He’s moving on after his split from Bella.

Wednesday, October 12: Nikau and Tane catch up

They have a decision to make over Cash.

Wednesday, October 12: Nikau and Tane are worried

With Cash still living at the Parata house, Nikau and Tane worry that it could tip off the bikies that they’re working with the police.

Wednesday, October 12: Heather and Nikau meet up properly

They get to know each other better.

Wednesday, October 12: Nikau confides in Heather

The stress of waiting for the upcoming court case is taking its toll.

Wednesday, October 12: Heather is supportive

Nikau is grateful.

Wednesday, October 12: Heather and Nikau kiss

What does the future hold for their casual relationship?

Wednesday, October 12: Ziggy takes a pregnancy test

Bree has suggested that Ziggy could be pregnant after spotting her getting woozy at the beach.

Wednesday, October 12: Ziggy awaits the result

It turns out to be positive.

Wednesday, October 12: Ziggy’s mood immediately changes

But she doesn’t tell Dean what’s going on straight away.

Wednesday, October 12: Dean is confused

He spots that Ziggy isn’t her usual self.

Wednesday, October 12: Dean becomes worried

Ziggy starts to talk about abandoning her surf comp plans.

Wednesday, October 12: Dean wants an explanation

But Ziggy isn’t giving much away.

Wednesday, October 12: Ziggy takes a more honest approach later on

It’s time to tell Dean the truth.

Wednesday, October 12: Ziggy explains all

She tells Dean that she’s pregnant.

Wednesday, October 12: Dean is shocked

How will he feel about potentially becoming a father again?

Wednesday, October 12: Ziggy keeps a close eye on Dean’s reaction

The popular couple are at a crossroads.

Thursday, October 13: Heather starts to draw Nikau into her hidden agenda

She asks him questions about Marilyn.

Thursday, October 13: Heather has a connection to Marilyn

She’s Marilyn’s long-lost daughter.

Thursday, October 13: Nikau explains that Marilyn has had mental health issues

With Heather scheming against Marilyn, has Nikau said too much?

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