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How Aussies can pay their respects to The Queen

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Her Majesty The Queen passed away this morning at the age of 96. 

According to a statement from the palace she passed in her sleep on September 8, 2022, UK time.

The UK, Australia, and indeed the majority of the world have been shook by the news. In a statement earlier today, the newly crowned King Charles recognised the importance of The Queen to people all around the world.

“We deeply lament the loss of a beloved Mother and beloved Sovereign. I’m confident that her loss will be felt keenly by numerous people all around the nation, the Realms, and the Commonwealth, according to the statement.

Flowers and other tributes have already been placed at Buckingham Castle, Balmoral, and Windsor Castle by mourners in England and Scotland.

There are a few ways common Australians can honour the late queen at home.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website is the best place to send a message of sympathy. By submitting an online condolence form, mourners can send a note to Buckingham Palace and possibly have it displayed in the National Library of Australia.

On the Royal Family website, you may also post a condolence note. The Royal Family will receive some of these messages, and the Royal Archives may keep some of them.

You can also leave a message in one of the condolence books that are open to sign until Friday, September 23, if you live close to a government building. Alternatively, you can mail your condolences to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet after downloading your own condolence book.

The Royal Family has requested that Australians donate to charity in lieu of placing flowers on the forecourts of Parliament House, Government House Sydney, and other locations across the nation, where some mourners have already done so.

If you are a flag owner, the Australian National Flag should be flown at half-mast until the day following the funeral in the UK, according to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

If you have a flag for the governor general, it should still be flown at half-mast because it symbolises the ongoing monarchy.

There is no official mourning period in Australia, however the UK will observe 10 days of mourning. There will be a National Day of Mourning, albeit there won’t be a holiday and its date is to be determined.

While the UK will observe 10 days of mourning, there is no official mourning period in Australia. However, there will be a National Day of Mourning, the date of which is to be confirmed and will not be a public holiday.

For more information, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has a full list of FAQs on their website.

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