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How Beau Ryan’s past scandal has strengthened his family unit

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“We’re in a good place at the moment now.” 

On The Amazing Race Australia, Beau Ryan will join 20 brand-new teams of two as they compete around Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. His wife Kara and their two children Remi, 9, and Jesse, 4, are undoubtedly proudly following his progress.

Throughout their marriage, Beau and Kara have faced many of difficulties, but they have emerged from them stronger than ever.

While Kara Ryan (née Orrell), Beau’s 36-year-old childhood sweetheart, was carrying their first child, a daughter they called Remi, in 2012, they were married.

Three years later, the former West Tigers player and Lauren Brant, his co-star in Aladdin and His Wondrous Lamp, were accused of infidelity.

Warren Riley, Lauren’s then-fiancé, claimed in an exclusive with Woman’s Day that he discovered an affair through text messages while he and the former member of the Hi-5 were vacationing in New Zealand.

“I didn’t think what I was reading was true… Actually, I’m at a loss for words,” he admitted to the magazine.

“It feels a bit like a hit in the gut. I was very ill to my stomach and had no idea what to do. Everything in life that you plan for… it all comes crashing down. It’s so unlike her that it’s shocking.

Beau announced a leave of absence from The Footy Show following the controversy in order to travel to Vietnam with Kara and Remi.

At the time, a Nine representative said, “Beau and his family are on vacation spending much-needed time together and we have no comment to make on their personal life.”

The former Sharks player apologised profusely upon his return to the programme but avoided providing any precise details.

I appreciate everyone’s support, and… I want to thank everyone who has respected my privacy and ask that you do so in the future.

Beau and Kara met down with Woman’s Day to discuss the experience of repairing their marriage.

“I felt like my entire universe had collapsed. All I could think about was my family because I was so sad and ashamed, said Beau.

Kara, on the other hand, found being scrutinised to be very difficult and the attention “overwhelming.”

Despite the widely reported controversy, Kara supported Beau and stuck up for his integrity.

He was still a caring parent and a really lovely person. Although it was a challenging scenario, running away from anything in life is never the solution since “the grass isn’t always greener.”

After everything had calmed down, the couple revealed they were expecting a second child. They welcomed Jesse, a boy, into the world in 2017.

It’s obvious that the four-person family is now stronger than ever, and their shared history has further boosted their ties.

When it comes to personal development, Beau previously told The Daily Telegraph that “having kids changes everything.”

“You learn to prioritise others over yourself, which is something I never did when I was younger. I now view it from the perspective of having to protect and provide for three people. I’ve gotten a little used to being last now. You are the one who loses out on anything, including any leftover food or a chair to sit on. You just do it that way.

The former NRL player has also emphasised that he wants to be “approachable at all times” with his children.

“We chat a lot about how we feel… The participant on I’m A Celeb told The Father Hood, “I don’t want my kids to withhold anything from me.

“I don’t know how we got into that rhythm, but most nights I lie down with my daughter to put her to bed, and I like it. We talk while lying there.

The Amazing Race host has spent a lot of time away from his family due to a career that has included travel, which has been challenging for everyone.

Beau said that he and Kara will decide together what is best for their family as job chances for the celebrity continue to surface.

It’s about what’s best for us, not about travel, money, or publicity. Right now, we’re in a good spot. I do regret some of the events in the past,

but I can’t do anything about it,” he admitted to The Father Hood.

“I also know that I can’t spend an extended period of time apart from my family. If not, my head would fall off.

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