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How Helen Worth will leave Coronation Street as Gail exit ‘revealed’

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After 50 years of portraying Cobbles princess Gail Platt, Coronation Street star Helen Worth is departing Weatherfield, as soap opera executives disclosed earlier this week.

What is still unknown is the specific reason behind Gail’s departure. This has sparked worries and conjecture that Gail would die—perhaps in a confrontation with dubious Joel?

ITV reporter and producer Iain Macleod have disclosed how Helen might depart the soap opera. and if Gail will finally have a happy ending.

Coronation Street reveals Gail ‘exit’

Speaking earlier this week, executive producer Iain Macleod said: “Gail has given us countless hours of entertainment but it should also be said that Helen herself is a consummate professional and a thoroughly good egg.”

“Everyone connected to the show will miss having her around the place just as much as the viewers will miss having her on their screens and we wish her all the very best for the future.”

But, how exactly will Helen be going?

Happy ending at last for Gail?

Meanwhile, ITV Evening News entertainment reporter Rishi Davda, appeared to have more details on Helen’s exit from the soap.

She’ll begin filming her final scenes next month as Gail’s exit will air later this year.

Said Rishi: “Helen Worth is just behind Bill Roach in terms of time spent on Corrie. She’ll begin filming her exit story next month – thankfully producers have promised a happy ending.”

While nothing has been revealed just yet, it is believed that Helen will exit in an ’emotional’ storyline for the whole family – but one which won’t see her leaving in the back of a hearse.

Gail deserved a happy ending after fifty years of sorrow and heartache. Storylines that became Gail’s trademarks were her marriage to serial killer Richard Hillman, her husband Joe’s murder, and even her son David knocking her down the stairs when he was at his most violent.

Gail didn’t find out that her brother Stephen was a serial killer until last year. In lighter fare, she argued with her neighbor Eileen Grimshaw and fell in love with a naive burglar named Michael, who was portrayed by none other than Les Dennis.

Gail deserves a peaceful retirement outside of Weatherfield after everything.

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