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If Barbara Windsor’s widow had found love with the EastEnders actor, she would be “really happy.”

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Icon from EastEnders After a six-year fight with Alzheimer’s disease, Barbara Windsor passed away in 2020 at the age of 83. Her husband Scott Mitchell survived her.

Scott Mitchell, the widower of Barbara Windsor, claims that his late wife would be pleased with him if he had discovered love again.

Since the 83-year-old’s passing three years ago, Scott has worked to preserve her legacy by promoting Alzheimer’s disease awareness.

On Thursday morning, Lorraine Kelly was discussing a brand-new Alzheimer’s commercial when the subject of her love life came up.

After becoming friends while preparing for the London Marathon, Scott started dating Tanya Franks, a former EastEnders actress who portrayed Rainie Cross in the BBC serial opera.

A group of EastEnders stars ran in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK, including Tanya.

Lorraine commented on their recent connection by saying: “She (Barbara) did say make sure you find happiness and sort of, if you like, gave you permission and said, ‘Look find someone else, don’t be lonely.'”

Scott chuckled as he thought of his late wife and referred to Barbara as a kind and giving person.

“I’ll go first, be upset and heartbroken, and once you’ve got through that, please live the best life you can,” she used to say, in response.

Scott said he was lucky and said that before it turned into something more, they had an excellent friendship. He mentioned that he was now fulfilling Barbara’s wish with Tanya.

He said, expressing to the ITV host their mutual happiness, “Life seems pretty good. Barbara was in my life for half of it, and she will always occupy a very important place in my heart.

She was a wonderful woman, and she wouldn’t want me to be miserable or alone if that were the case.

“I am aware that Barbara Windsor is the only person who would truly be happy for me.”

When the soap star was 55 and Scott was 29 years old, they first met in 1992.

Although they were good friends at the time, it was obvious that affections were present because Barbara was already married to Stephen Hollings, her second husband.

The couple wed in 2000 and remained together until her terrible demise, which brought grief across the country.

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