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Inside Home and Away’s Shane Withington’s yacht that he sails to work on away from John Palmer role

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The long-time Australian soap star shared that when he travels to work on the popular show Home and Away, he takes his 31ft yacht which has a cosy sleeping area below deck

On Home and Away, Shane Withington is best known for his role as neighborhood businessman John Palmer.

The actor made his television debut in the program in 2006 as Colin Page, a pilot who appeared in seven episodes.

He did, however, make a comeback to the show to play John Palmer, a lifeguard who also runs his own business.

From his marriage to Gina Austin, the high school principal in Summer Bay, to adopting his son Jett James to his turbulent relationship with Marilyn Chambers, the character has had several dramatic storylines.

In real life, Shane prefers to travel by yacht rather than the golf cart that John is usually spotted driving along the beach.

He previously disclosed that he sails to work in the beautiful 31-foot Beneteau sailing yacht.

Shane likes to fish from his boat when he’s not on his way to work or just sailing on Sydney’s seas.

It is fully stocked with all of his necessities, including a life jacket, towels, mooring gear, and journals of his sailing routes.

He has plenty of space above deck to relax, but when he spends the night on the yacht, he also has a roomy cabin below deck.

Both hanging fairy lights and some overhead lighting may be found in the cozy area.

The Home and Away actor also has a desk space next to his bed that is decorated with various images of his boat and beaches he’s been to.

Shane Withington plays John Palmer on Home and Away

The yacht sails on the Sydney waters

Shane gave an overview of the boat

He enjoys drinking wine on the yacht’s deck

Inside Shane’s boat where he stays the night

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