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ITV Coronation Street Carla and Bobby’s lies unravel as Roy threatened in prison

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Bobby Crawford of Coronation Street lied greatly to get Roy Cropper out of jail, but it is now coming back to haunt him.

In upcoming Coronation Street scenes, Bobby Crawford is arrested as his lies finally catch up with him.

To keep Roy (David Neilson) from being prosecuted for the murder of Lauren (Cait Fitton), Bobby (Jack Carroll) lies to DS Swain (Vicky Myers). He clarified that it was not Roy that he saw leaving Lauren’s apartment with a man donning a balaclava.

Bobby stated that if he ever disclosed the truth about their conversation, the man threatened to kill Lauren. He stated to the police: “He looked down at me and said if I told anyone I saw him, anyone, then Lauren was dead.”

Despite her initial disapproval, Carla (Alison King) came to the conclusion that they had to take all necessary steps to save Roy. Roy eventually found out about Bobby’s lie, but he chose to remain silent.

At approximately the same moment, a prison guard found Roy flat on his cell floor. He was taken to the hospital right away and was given visitors’ permission.

Carla paid him a visit at the hospital and expressed her gratitude for keeping their lie from the police. In the heartbreaking scenes, Roy reminded Carla that, in addition to the charge he was facing for Lauren’s murder, she had made him complicit in the crime of lying to the police.

Carla was devastated when Roy announced that he could no longer stand Carla’s dishonesty and broke off their friendship. Carla cuts off the conversation when DS Swain questions her about why she and Roy have broken up on the ITV soap opera the following week.

Carla lends an ear when she hears DS Swain arguing with her daughter on the phone. Lisa explains that since her partner passed away, her daughter is having grief issues.

DS Swain confronts Roy when he pays him a visit in prison, asking directly if Bobby’s statement was influenced by their falling out. Meanwhile, Kit detains Nathan on suspicion of violating his sexual harm prevention order after looking through his van and finding a few USB sticks.

While Carla is being warned by DS Swain that Bobby’s lies aren’t benefiting anyone, least of all Roy, Bobby is arrested across the Cobbles on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Returning to prison, Griff (Michael Condron) storms Roy’s cell with a vengeance in hand.

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