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ITV Coronation Street fans call Daisy Midgeley ‘lucky’ as Joel Deering targets Bethany

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The murderer of Lauren Bolton on Coronation Street, Joel Deering, was recently revealed to the public, but Weatherfield locals are still unaware of his sinister side.

As Bethany Platt (played by Lucy Fallon) confided in Joel Deering (Calum Lill) for help in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, viewers of the ITV soap opera were left with a lot of ideas. After working for a while to get her mail diverted from her old London residence, the young journalist had a surprise when she opened one of her letters.

It transpired that her former company credit card had been fraudulently used by someone. She took it out of her pocketbook while sitting in Roy’s Rolls with Charlotte Jordan’s character Daisy Midgeley and lamented that she had hardly used it.

In spite of this, the business was seeking payment. Daisy suggested that Bethany get copies of the statements to show that she was incapable of making the purchases, but Bethany decided to consult a lawyer.

She went to Joel for advice, not realizing that he was the reason Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) vanished. The people of Weatherfield are unaware of his darker side, but viewers are well aware of it.

His new fiancée Dee Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) made a joke about her getting her free five minutes as she talked about it with him in the Rovers. But in a conspiratorial manner, he told Bethany that she knows where he is if he could “help off the clock”.

Although Daisy was pleased that Joel was willing to assist her new acquaintance, followers were not quite as thrilled and voiced their opinions on X, the website that was formerly known as Twitter.

“It’s a good job Joel prefers blondes, Daisy for your sake #Corrie,” the bartender was forewarned by @DavidBoink. @jeffnewton1 remarked (sic): “#Corrie Daisy adds, “Ah, isn’t he sweet?” as she turns to face Joel. No, he’s not Daisy. What we know, if you knew it!” (sic)
“So Joel has turned up for the last 10 minutes just so Bethany can stare and glare at him,” @UDjoking surmised, speculating that the plot was just a pretext to guarantee Joel appeared in the episode. #Corrie. (sic)

The unexpected friendship between Daisy and Bethany, however, worried @topgooner100 more, as she wrote: “Can’t take Daisy & Bethany being mates seriously It was better them snipping at each other #Corrie.” (sic)

The body of Toyah Habeeb’s baby was discovered buried in the park, leading to her arrest for murder later in the episode starring Georgia Taylor.

Reminding Jodie Prenger that she was entitled to half of her brother George’s (Tony Maudsley) estate, Dee Dee informed Glenda Shuttleworth.

After losing a significant customer due to her claim, she sent him a solicitor’s letter outlining her position, and George marched into the Rovers Return to confront her. But, Glenda’s future wasn’t entirely grim because she eventually shared a kiss with Ryan Russell’s character, Michael Bailey.

Tyrone, in the meantime, pulled a strip off Cassie for attempting to sabotage Kevin and Abi’s relationship and implied that she would have to apologize if she wanted her work back.

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