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Monday, June 17, 2024

ITV Coronation Street fans finally ‘work out’ Lauren’s killer as Max Turner slips up

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Fans of Coronation Street are certain they have figured out who killed missing teenager Lauren Bolton, thanks to a clue from Friday’s ITV soap opera.

The mystery surrounding Lauren Bolton, a teenage girl who went missing, was further illuminated by Friday night’s episode of Coronation Street (played by Cait Fitton).

A familiar face on the soap opera, Roy Cropper (David Neilson), was recently charged and arrested as the main suspect in Lauren’s alleged murder. Fans will recall that earlier this year, Lauren, a troubled young character, abruptly vanished from the cobblestones. Her friend Bobby Crawford (Jack Carroll) was concerned when he found Lauren’s apartment unlocked and empty.

The exit of Lauren was not depicted on screen, and it seems that she only told Roy about her intention to leave Weatherfield. Roy’s good heart has made him a target of interest since Lauren was reported missing.

He was seen obligingly cleaning Lauren’s apartment, which added fuel to the suspicions that he was guilty. Since then, a wave of online abuse has made his life difficult due to online detectives.

Viewers will be shocked by a shocking disclosure in the upcoming week: a fresh piece of evidence revealing Lauren’s killer’s real identity. Following a mysterious scene in Friday’s episode, some fans thought they had already figured out the mystery before this startling revelation.

In the most recent episode, while vacuuming, David Platt (David J Shephard) discovered a bag beneath Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) bed that contained makeup and blonde hair dye.

When Max discovered David with his possessions, he became combative and only then acknowledged that they belonged to Lauren, using the past tense “were Lauren’s” to suggest he intended to keep them.

Fans of soap operas will remember Lauren’s dramatic arrival in Weatherfield in 2022, when she was instrumental in enlisting Max in a dark far-right gang headed by the infamous Griff (Michael Codron). Max and Lauren had a brief spark at first, but it vanished as soon as the group’s evil plans became apparent.

Reece (Joe McIntyre), Lauren’s father, was a major player in the radical group, and she became involved in their sinister dealings with Max. She has since tried to turn her life around, but she disappeared without explanation while her father Reece and the evil Griff were in jail after their Friday return.

Following Friday’s mysterious incident, speculation has taken over social media. “I believe Max has taken Lauren. Why is there blonde hair dye under Max’s bed?” tweeted one viewer. Perhaps Lauren is a bleached blonde? That might be a major hint for the following week. “@itvcorrie #Corrie”

“So Max had a box of Lauren’s hair dye and it was under his bed?” conjectured another fan. A second person commented, “Oh that’s suspicious Max #Corrie. Interesting #Corrie #CoronationStreet @itvcorrie.” (sic)

A fourth speculated, “I think it was Max; he’s weird #corrie,” while another said, “#corrie #coronationstreet When you take into account how confused Max’s real father was, I wouldn’t trust him.”

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