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ITV Coronation Street fans predict huge twist as Lauren’s killer revealed in first look

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Fans of Coronation Street have been eager to learn Lauren Bolton’s killer, but is she truly dead?

Though some viewers of the ITV soap opera aren’t sure Lauren Bolton (played by Cait Fitton) is dead at all, Coronation Street has hinted at the mysterious figure thought to be responsible for her murder. The adolescent went missing in February after what appeared to be an attack in her apartment that left her seriously hurt.

Detectives are certain she was murdered, even though no one has been found and she was not at the crime scene. Roy Cropper (David Neilson) is the person they accuse of carrying out the murder. Bloodstains and pieces of human tissue indicate that she may have suffered a serious head injury; a blood-stained weapon was also found in her apartment.

Fans will soon find out who killed her, even though the soap opera hasn’t officially declared her death. What really happened the night Lauren vanished will finally be revealed in a special series of episodes premiering next week.

Flashbacks will also reveal her fate and the identity of her attacker. Fans can see her frantic calls for assistance the night she disappeared, as well as her obvious fear for her life, in a new teaser.

A mysterious man in black is seen grabbing her as she tries to run away, his gloved hand covering her mouth. The events that follow have not yet been televised, but they will next week.

However, given her extended absence and the condition of her blood-soaked, ransacked apartment, it’s likely to end with Lauren either dead or abducted.

Future episodes of Corrie promise to be “unlike anything done” in the history of the show, full of shocking turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

As more significant characters become embroiled in the drama that is developing, the plot thickens and paves the way for new storylines that will take place throughout the remainder of the year.

Executive Producer Iain MacLeod teased viewers with a statement that read, “This week’s story-telling on Coronation Street is so gripping and unlike anything we’ve done before.”

“Some of our favorite characters are right in the middle of the drama in this modern, highly exciting story. We’ve all been gripped by the murder mystery surrounding Lauren, and this week’s race against time to solve it before Roy suffers a serious injury is incredibly compelling and well-written.

“It is also the launchpad for a massive new chapter in that narrative – so you really won’t want to miss it, if you want to carry on trying to piece together this thrilling puzzle!”

Both the identity of the mysterious figure seen in the trailer and the person responsible for Lauren’s disappearance are still a mystery.

Even though all the evidence seems to point to Lauren’s death, some fans are not persuaded and think Hope Stape (Isabelle Flanagan) may be connected to her disappearance.

One fan suggested on X that the headlines stating that “Lauren’s killer finally revealed” are extremely deceptive. #Corrie, she’s obviously not dead.”

“But how exactly does Lauren’s necklace end up in Hope’s possession of all people?” inquired another. Did she simply happen to come upon it by accident without realizing what she was looking for? Will anyone else help the helpless Roy before it’s too late?

Another replied, “Ooooh while this Lauren storyline is dragging I wanna know why Hope is randomly involved in this story from that trailer, why does she have the necklace #corrie.” (sic)

“I’m going to call it! Someone else predicted that Lauren was killed by Hope Stape.

One person continued, saying, “Top 5 people I think made Lauren go missing: 1 kit, 2 Nathan, 3 Griff, 4 Corey, 5 Joel.” (sic)

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