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ITV Emmerdale confirms exits of two villagers as fans ‘work out’ Tom King kidnap horror

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Fans of Emmerdale are certain that Belle Dingle’s admission to a mental health crisis center on Friday’s episode is the first step toward Tom King’s impending fall from grace.

After a troubling plot involving Tom King (James Chase), Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor-Draper) made a heartbreaking exit from the village to attend a mental health crisis assessment center on Friday night, shocking Emmerdale viewers.

With these characters, the well-liked ITV soap opera has been examining a coercive control plot in which Tom manipulates and isolates his partner Belle. His disgusting actions have intensified lately, as he has been watching her, and the plot darkened even further when Tom turned violent.

Tom took more drastic measures in Thursday’s episode. Tom had earlier pretended to be seeking assistance but had actually told Dr. Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) that Belle was the one having problems. The episode aired on the anniversary of Lisa Dingle, Belle’s mother, passing away.

But instead of honoring the day with her family with a picnic, Tom played down the significance of the day and conned Belle into staying home for a parcel delivery that was supposed to arrive at 1pm.

After that, the veterinarian went to a performance review interview where two of his coworkers from the veterinary clinic, Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), gave him some criticism. When he realized he wasn’t getting a good review, he used Lisa’s death anniversary to his advantage.

Belle, meanwhile, stayed at home past 1pm waiting for a package that never arrived before choosing to go with her family, who had left without her.

Tom blamed her for ruining the day and insulted her late mother Lisa harshly after she refused to wait for his delivery. The villagers were made aware of Belle’s violent outburst, in which she pushed Tom to the ground.

As the victim, Tom won over viewers’ sympathy when he consoled a distraught Belle by placing her in the arms of Sam Dingle (James Hooton) and Lydia (Karen Blick).

Belle became distressed and sought assistance from a mental health crisis team after Tom tampered with her medication in a sinister attempt to further alienate her, according to the most recent development on Friday’s episode of Emmerdale.

When Lydia, Sam, and Cain (Jess Hordley) returned, they were surprised to see Belle being taken to a mental health crisis assessment center, despite their insistence that Tom leave her alone for her appointment.

Tom didn’t like Belle’s choice to go, but she insisted it would only be temporary. Feeling that something wasn’t quite right with Belle, Lydia said, “It’s for the best, they’ll get to the bottom of exactly what’s been going on.”

But after the show, viewers took to X to discuss their ideas and theories. A lot of them believe that Cain is aware of Tom’s whereabouts and that he might be preparing for another kidnapping.

A supporter wrote: “I reckon Cain and Aaron will kidnap Tom once the domestic abuse comes to light, Cain will bring up that Tom stalked Chas after Carl King died, and Moira and Chas burst in, explaining Belle won’t get justice this way #Emmerdale.” (sic)

Another said: “Cain is beginning to feel suspicious; his prior suspicions about Tom were only raised a few weeks ago. Soon enough, he’ll figure him out?”

Another stated: “Cain should kidnap Tom put him in his car boot and dangle him over a cliff and drop the t**t.” (sic)

Another person said, “It can’t come soon enough to look forward to Cain torturing Tom and locking him in a barn for a few weeks! #Emmerdale.

A fifth said, “Cain will kill him once he worked it out #emmerdale.”

Another six said, “#Emmerdale. I noticed that Cain appeared to be aware of Tom’s actions.

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