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ITV Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ two villagers’ unexpected family connection

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ITV viewers saw Rose Jackson and Will Taylor go down memory lane in this Wednesday’s Emmerdale episode.

Fans of Emmerdale appear to have uncovered a hidden familial relationship between two villagers. Viewers recently discovered that newcomer Rose Jackson (Christine Tremarco) and Beth Cordingly’s character, Ruby Milligan, had been covertly collaborating.

They are working together to get Rose to seduce her ex-partner in an attempt to destroy Kim Tate (Claire King) and her husband Will Taylor (Dean Andrews). Viewers saw her plan come to fruition on Wednesday, even though she acknowledged to Ruby that there had been some problems.

After Will threatened to evict her, Rose tries to calm him down by suggesting they grab a drink and remember the good and bad moments in their relationship. Will reluctantly agreed, and they began their journey down memory lane.

Rose didn’t take long to talk about how wonderful their previous sexual life was. Will told her the conversation wasn’t appropriate, obviously uncomfortable.

But they didn’t know Kim had just gotten home and heard the last of their talk. Kim interrupted Rose and Will’s rendezvous, stating that she had never met someone like him since their breakup.

Will was obviously having a change of heart, so it appeared that Rose’s strategy to try and patch things up with him was beginning to bear fruit.

Kim, however, was having none of it, reminding him that the only reason he’s putting up with Rose is for the benefit of their daughter Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

“Well, an afternoon and a couple drinks to have you do a complete 180 well, that would be pretty pathetic wouldn’t it?” the woman inquired.

Rose’s insistence on severing Will and Kim is evident, especially in light of Ruby’s earlier this week threats to harm her if they fail in their mission.

Fear began to creep in as Ruby threatened to repay Rose for everything she had given her if Kim and Will didn’t break up.

In response, Rose said, “You have to stop saying can’t, do what you have been told or you will lose everything,” acknowledging that she wouldn’t be able to afford to pay Ruby back.

After witnessing the peculiar exchange and Rose’s attempts to woo Will on Wednesday night, viewers of ITV speculate that the two blondes might be siblings.

“So I think Ruby and Rose are sisters @emmerdale – Caleb has mentioned a few times how Ruby walked away from her family,” stated @MrsCC_261 on Twitter. Given that Ruby paid off Rose’s debts, a family connection appears plausible.

“#emmerdale, I think you might be right,” @JeanieThePixie retorted.

“Is Rose Ruby’s sister or something?” inquired @tajm_x.

Are Ruby and Rose actually secret siblings who collaborate to achieve their goals?

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