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Johnny Ruffo makes heartbreaking new brain cancer admission

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In a new interview, the former Home and Away star has spoken of his gravest fear.

In a direct conversation, Johnny Ruffo revealed a tragic new diagnosis of brain cancer.

The former Home and Away star, whose illness is terminal, says he is “scared” that his loved ones would not be there to “say goodbye” to him.

Ruffo told the Daily Telegraph, “I’m terrified for my brother, my mum, Dad, and Tahnee that they won’t be here with me (when I die).”

He was referring to Tahnee Sims, his cherished partner who has stood by him throughout his fight with brain cancer.

There is no possibility that my entire family will be present. The chances of that are (slim). Everyone’s presence would be great — not for my benefit, but for theirs.

Michael, the brother of the 34-year-old, has spent the last three years residing in Ireland.

Ruffo previously told 7Entertainment that he was eagerly anticipating celebrating Christmas in 2022 with his “best friend.”

Ruffo claimed that now that he had been informed that his disease couldn’t be cured, he was hoping for “additional time with loved ones.”

I haven’t seen my brother in three years because he now lives in Ireland. He’s coming home for Christmas, and I can’t wait to see him, Ruffo said.

Other than his girlfriend, Ruffo claimed that his brother was his “closest” confidant.

We are as shrewd as thieves. He is truly my hero and everything to me. And I’m really excited to see him,” he added.

“I’m not sure how I’ll respond. He is everything, I can’t wait.

Ruffo had surgery to remove a tumour after receiving his initial diagnosis of brain cancer in 2017.

He claimed that the illness has returned in November 2020 but promised to “fight this s*** disease again.”

He has since been told his cancer can’t be cured.

In his latest interview, Ruffo, who is still undergoing chemotherapy, became emotional when discussing his relationship with Sims.

“She is living with it as much as I am,” he said.

“She is here with me every step of the way.

“I’m so very grateful to have her by my side. I don’t know what I would do without her. I genuinely don’t — she’s my guardian angel.”

Despite neither Ruffo nor Sims desiring children, he has previously discussed how he frozen his sperm “just in case one day we ever change our minds.”

Sims and Ruffo first connected on Instagram before finally meeting in person while she was a backup dancer.

She is the subject of his book No Finish Line.

Sims felt it was “very lovely,” according to Ruffo, who previously discussed her response to the honour, and she told him, “You didn’t have to write that.”

He claimed to have said to Sims, “It’s true, it’s the whole truth.”

If it weren’t for his fiancée, Ruffo continued, he “actually would not be here” since “she’s been there for me multiple times where it’s been touch and go.”

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