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Kate Garraway exclaims as Maureen Lipman presents a charming gift for Derek to the GMB presenter.

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This morning, Maureen Lipman sent her homemade chicken soup to the Good Morning Britain studios.

Maureen Lipman, a star of Coronation Street, visited Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain on Friday and brought a very unique gift for her. Garraway was obviously moved by the gesture.

The 77-year-old actress, who portrays Evelyn Plummer in the ITV soap opera, gave the host a tub of homemade chicken soup that she claimed was a “universal panacea.”

She veered off topic to give Kate the sweet homemade gift while she was on the show to talk about winning the Best Comedy Performance at the forthcoming Inside Soap Awards.

“I brought something for you. My chicken soup is that. That is my chicken soup for breaking the fast. You should give that to Derek, she added.

As Kate exhaled in appreciation, she made the cheeky admission: “There was a lot more but I spilt it on the dressing room floor.”

She referred to it as a “universal panacea” and claimed, “It can cure it really can, I ate only that when I had Covid,” she stated.

Derek Draper, Kate’s 18-year-old spouse, underwent a rare and challenging health fight as a result of Covid-19, which kept him in the hospital for more than a year.

Throughout the epidemic, Kate published updates on his health. She has recently produced a documentary about caring for him and promoted caregiver rights.

Despite the fact that he currently resides at home with Kate and their two children, Darcy and Billy, she stated that he is still “very damaged” in March.

On the Walt Disney Travel Company podcast Journey to the Magic, she said in an interview with Giovanna Fletcher: “It is tough, he’s still very, very traumatized.

He is still fed through tubes, unable to truly move or speak, and there is a long journey ahead of him.

“everything’s simply that, of course, as everyone else would want, you just want everything to be quicker and quicker.

However, it’s a difficult one because he spent the majority of last year in the hospital as well for a variety of reasons, so it was wonderful to have him home.

“However, you can see progress if you compare it to last Christmas or the Christmas before, when he was still in the hospital.

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