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Kate Ritchie reveals what it would take for her to return to Home and Away

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Tuesday morning, Kate Ritchie made it known that she would be open to joining the cast of Home and Away again for a reunion episode.

The 44-year-old actor-turned-radio personality recently replaced Sarah McGilvray as Fitzy and Wippa’s co-host after being fired from her previous position.

She has already admitted to Ryan Fitzgerald and Michael Wipfli, her co-stars, that she would be willing to return immediately to the soap that helped launch her career.

“No question at all. I believe that right now, if they asked you to perform in a final episode of Home and Away before it ended, you would do it without a doubt, Fitzy, 46, remarked.

Yeah, Ritchie answered right away.

Nonetheless, Home and Away will continue for a very long time. How old are you when you leave? “I won’t be doing this, no. I won’t be returning as Sally Fletcher at the age of 80 to complete this task once again “Fitzy shoved.

If Ray Meagher asked me to return and change the sheets in the campground, I would be there without a doubt, Ritchie admitted, no matter how old he was.

Following McGilvray’s longtime co-host McGilvray’s removal from the Sydney breakfast program to make room for Ritchie, devoted listeners of Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa are tuning out.

Fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the decision on social media as a result of McGilvray’s abrupt departure and the entrance of Ritchie, a former host of Nova’s national drive show.

As the show shared a photo of Ritchie and co-anchors Fitzy and Wippa on Facebook, listeners raced to the comments section to voice their displeasure with the new lineup.

One user called the trio ‘awkward’ and said the former Home and Away star was ‘no match for Sarah’.

After hearing about Ritchie’s work on the Nova drive program, one listener declared that they would simply not “bother” with the new crew.

Now she has confessed to co-stars Ryan Fitzgerald and Michael Wipfli she’d be willing to jump straight back into the soap which launched her career

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