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Laughing uncontrollably while watching Kim Woodburn explain Suki and Eve’s predicament, an EastEnders star

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Heather Peace and Balvinder Sopal, who play Eve Unwin and Suki Panesar, have shared their funny responses to Kim Woodburn’s dating advise.

Sukeve’s lack of involvement in recent weeks after their painful breakup earlier this year has been difficult for their fans, including ourselves.

Some fans have turned to writing fan fiction, while others have made video edits to make up for the loss of their favorite couple. However, one fan has gone to an absurd length that has the community in fits of laughter.

The devoted fan requested a personalized greetings video on Kim Woodburn’s website while pretending as Eve and asking for love advise for Suki, her girlfriend.

Kim read out the specifics of Suki and Eve’s affair, calling it a “delicate” subject, before encouraging Suki to give leaving her husband a lot of thought because many people regret it.

Suki probably wouldn’t regret leaving Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) for Eve knowing what we know about him, but Kim wasn’t supposed to know that.

She continued her wise counsel by assuring Suki that she should not be ashamed of her sexuality before admonishing her once more to consider the repercussions of telling Nish about her affair.

Over 180,000 people, including the actors who play Suki and Eve, have watched Kim’s video, and they all adore it.

While Heather Peace responded with a video of her own, showing her crying with laughter and pleading with the viewer to “make it stop,” Balvinder Sopal praised the video as “quite brilliant.”

Quick to reply, viewers dubbed the film the “best thing they’ve ever watched.”

Fans are enamored with Suki and Eve’s romance and are pleading with her to leave her abusive husband Nish in order to be with Eve.

Earlier this year, when they made a promise to flee together after denouncing Nish to the authorities for his shady dealings, the couple came dangerously close to finding happiness.

Their scheme, however, failed when Nish received a tip-off and managed to flee. When Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) exposed their romance and made Suki choose between her family and Eve, things only became worse.

Suki made the difficult decision to stick with her family, leaving Eve in tears.

Fans are still holding out hope that the couple would reconcile. Suki must decide whether to follow Kim’s counsel and choose to remain with Nish or whether to take the chance and seek happiness with Eve.

Time will only tell.

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