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Lisa George, a 12-year cast member of Coronation Street, teases her departure

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An actor’s future on Coronation Street is not guaranteed just because they have worked there for more than ten years.

Even actors who play well-known and enduring roles are aware that their presence on the program is only guaranteed until the conclusion of their current contract.

Therefore, it seems sense to begin considering potential possibilities for the future, which is exactly what Corrie star Lisa George is doing as she muses over what might next after Weatherfield.

Actress Lisa, who has played Beth Tinker on the serial opera since 2011, says, “I’m just waiting to hear if I get another contract.”

Beth first appeared in the serial as Steve McDonald’s (Simon Gregson) ex-girlfriend, but she is best known for her marriage to the unfortunate Kirk Sutherland (Andrew Whyment).

One of the longest-lasting relationships on The Street is their frequently comical bond, which has survived even after Beth’s ex-boyfriend Marco (Paul Albertson) returned to her life early this year.

Beth has a bad side, as evidenced by the plot in which she assaulted Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan), but she also has a good heart, which was evident in the tragic storyline involving the illness and passing of her cherished niece Sinead (Katie McGlynn).

The most moving sequences in the plot included Sinead and her Auntie Beth, who was fighting to maintain a brave demeanor while grieving the loss of a close family member.

When Lisa told the Daily Star that she has her sights set on some dramatic roles when she leaves the cobbles, perhaps she had emotional material like this in mind.

I find the topic of war to be very fascinating because my grandfather frequently discussed it. So, she remarked, “I’d love to do a 1940s drama.”

Or a 1960s-era story would be fantastic. I’d really like to act in Call the Midwife.

Lisa has some prior medical expertise, so Call The Midwife would be a suitable fit. Lisa has previously starred in guest parts in both Casualty and Holby City.

If not, she would be content to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Keegan, another former Coronation Street star, as she had just loved one of her projects.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ten Pound Poms. A part in something like that would be incredible, thought Lisa. I wish I could accomplish that. I enjoy old dramas and stuff like that, perhaps a drama from the 1940s with more of a war theme.

The multi-talented actress earlier displayed her vocal prowess by participating in All Star Musicals in 2021. She sang the song Maybe This Time from Cabaret.

She remarked, “Doing that show was a lot of fun.” “I adored it to the fullest. It was fantastic since I was in my element.

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